The Cul-de-Sac Crew Spill Some Wine In The New ‘Cougar Town’ Season 4 Promo

Cougar Town Season Finale 2012 My Life / Your World (6)

Cougar Town‘s messy new promo makes excellent use of the ’70s jam “Spill the Wine” from the band Eric Burden & War, a song that could easily be the wine-soaked Cul-de-Sac Crew’s anthem. The whole gang gets into the wine spilling (and tossing) action, leaving their white outfits stained red by the end. The promo is part of TBS’s campaign to celebrate the crew’s new cable channel digs, now that the series is making the leap from ABC to TBS.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that despite the move, the entire cast will be returning for more Penny Can, afternoon gab sessions at Jules’ place and, of course, wine drinking (although don’t expect so much spillage on the show- any member of the crew would tell you that’s just wasteful).

Cougar Town‘s fourth season will premiere January 8th on TBS. Check out the promo below!