The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “Fishy Kiss”

The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review "Fishy Kiss"

Is there no such thing as justice? How did Natalie and Nadiya end up winning the Amsterdam leg of The Amazing Race and $5,000 each? Something is not right in the world.

In a sad turn, last night was the end of the race for Abbie and Ryan. While I was not their biggest champion early in the race, when they were considerably cockier, seeing them stumble at every turn in the last couple legs has been brutal. But, nothing was worse than their journey to Amsterdam. Their instincts told them not to travel through Frankfurt after their last debacle at the Frankfurt airport. Still, they bought two fateful tickets that started their downward spiral.

After missing the connecting flight in Frankfurt, despite arriving 30 minutes early, Abbie and Ryan boarded a second plane. As they sat on the tarmac, the captain came onto the speaker and announced that there was a “minor mechanical problem” that the airline was trying to fix. At that moment, Abbie and Ryan completely deflated. They knew it was over. When the pilot announced that they would have to change planes because the de-icer could not be repaired, it was heartbreaking to see Abbie’s eyes well up. She maintained her composure and didn’t get angry, which kind of made it even sadder.

By the time Abbie and Ryan arrived in Amsterdam, the Beekman boys had caught up with them. They again banded together to complete the tasks. The last hope for Abbie and Ryan was that in the u-turn ahead, they would arrive first and be able to turn the Beekman boys. No such luck.

For the other competitors, this leg was considerably easier. Natalie and Nadiya opted for the fast forward and breezed to the pit stop after eating five raw fish. I don’t care for eating challenges on The Amazing Race and wish they would stick to more imaginative tasks. Though, lack of imagination was kind of a theme of the evening since the show recycled a previous Amsterdam task – pole vaulting over a ditch.

Jaymes and James pulled up second. They struggled with who to target at the u-turn and likely made a serious miscalculation. The Chippendales were fixated on Abbie and Ryan as their biggest threats in the competition. That may have been true many legs ago, but not anymore. Instead, the Chippendales should have been looking to the teams who have been consistently beside them recently – Nadiya and Natalie, and Trey and Lexi. Jaymes said that he made the decision to u-turn his friends because he needs the prize money to help his sick father. His motivations were good, and hopefully Abbie and Ryan will see that later.

The worst and best moment of the episode came when Abbie was trying to earn euros while Ryan turned the organ grinder. A middle aged woman stopped and danced around a bit with Abbie, then gave her the remaining number of euros Abbie needed to complete the task. Abbie was so beaten down by this point that she collapsed in tears into the woman’s arms. It is wonderful to see the kindness of strangers, but it was still sad to watch Abbie suffer.

Ultimately, it is a competition and there have to be people who lose. It’s just so much easier to watch people pack their bags when you feel like they deserve it.
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