Revolution (NBC): Preparing for the Miles vs. Monroe Showdown

In the ravaged, post-electricity world of Revolution, all roads lead to back to family. We now know that the blackout itself can be traced back to Rachel, who chose the life of her son over the safety of the world when she agreed to hand over the power (literally) to a very dangerous man. The “family first” theme runs throughout the series, and guides the actions of every character. It’s what motivates Charlie to walk hundreds of miles to get Danny back. It’s what will no doubt eventually be Captain Neville’s downfall, and it’s what lies at the heart of the looming confrontation between Miles and Monroe.

There is no blood between the two men, but as a character on that other Eric Kripke show once said, “family don’t end with blood.” As far as Monroe is concerned, Miles is his brother, and for Miles’s part, no matter what Monroe has done, he is still the same person Miles grew up with. Their friendship is powerful enough that in “Kashmir,” Miles worried that if Monroe gave him the chance to rejoin the militia he would take it. The series has established that these two might just be each other’s greatest weaknesses, but the key difference between them is that Monroe isn’t the only family Miles has anymore.

When the two men finally come face to face in “Nobody’s Fault but Mine,” Miles’s loyalties will be split. The man we met in the pilot who liked to pretend he didn’t care about anything or anyone is long gone; Miles has reconnected with his niece now, and that is a game changer. He’s made two promises to Charlie: that he won’t leave her and that he’ll get her brother back, and those appear to be two promises he aims to keep. The last time he was in a room with Monroe he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger, but with Charlie or Danny’s life on the line, the outcome could be very different. However, the fact that he still doubts his ability to resist rejoining his friend speaks volumes.

The Matheson family and Sebastian Monroe are so tangled up at this point, it’s hard to separate the two. Monroe was once on the inside of that family, and even though he’s the slightly sociopathic leader of the militia now, there must be a part of him that wants that connection back. The rich history between Monroe and the Mathesons that the series has hinted at likely holds the key to Monroe’s current state of mind. How Monroe transitioned from Miles’s conscience to a power hungry dictator has yet to be explained, but it has been implied that he learned everything from his best buddy, Miles.

Given the bits of information that have been doled out in recent weeks, I’m beginning to wonder if Monroe is the big bad at all. As the first half of season one comes to a close, it seems the true villain of the piece isn’t Monroe, it’s Randall Flynn (whose name is awfully similar to Stephen King’s favorite villain Randall Flagg), the man who gave Rachel the impossible choice between her family’s safety and creating a weapon of mass destruction, and who is currently holding Grace captive while he tracks down all of the pendants.

If that is the case, isn’t it possible that Monroe could be redeemed just as Miles was? That is assuming Monroe makes it out of the midseason finale alive, of course. Revolution has established that coming between the Mathesons is a deadly game, and given Monroe’s unfortunate habit of kidnapping them, he’s already standing in the crossfire.

How do you think the showdown between Miles and Monroe will end? If Monroe survives, do you think he could redeem himself in the eye’s of his friend? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to watch the midseason finale tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

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