Revenge Season 2 Review “Lineage” – Turkey Day Blues

Revenge Season 2 Episode 8 Lineage (2)
If you ever wondered how Victoria got to be such a cold-hearted witch, this week’s episode of Revenge, “Lineage,” pretty much answered that question without much room for interpretation. Not surprisingly, it was because of her mother.

Most of the episode was a flashback to the Thanksgiving of 2006 and while a lot of connections between characters were made that year, not a terrible lot happened back then that pushed the plot in the present forward.

Emily had just started her quest for revenge, but it had been temporarily sidelined by Takeda who wanted her to take down a Russian human trafficker. Through this side job, Emily met Ashley and saved her from a life of prostitution (although Ashley never saw her benefactor’s face), and she also met Aiden who was on his own quest for revenge, as the Russian had been the one who stole and sold his sister. Although the job got botched, Emily talked Takeda into taking Aiden under his wing. Six years later, in the present, Emily and Aiden are still lovers.

Meanwhile, Nolan was having a great holiday in 2006 as his company had just gone public and he was dating his CFO, Marco. His happiness was shattered, though, when Marco found out about the 500 million dollars of company money Nolan had secretly given to Emily on her father’s behalf. Marco couldn’t deal with the fact that Nolan had dealt with David Clarke and Nolan couldn’t deal with his intolerance; he fired Marco and broke up with him at the same time.

Six years later, Daniel got in contact with Marco, wanting to know more about Nolan’s early investors. I have to hand it to Daniel; he is taking his investigation seriously. I suppose his desire to take down his father might have something to do with Conrad crushing his dreams of being a writer.

Back to 2006. A Grayson Manor, Daniel was home from his first semester at Harvard, naively wanting his father’s approval to change his major from business to creative writing, and even more naively wanting his mother to reconcile with his grandmother, Marion. But Victoria already had a plan for the woman who had forced her to murder, allowed her to be locked up, then kicked her out of the house at fifteen when her her stepfather began abusing her. During the Thanksgiving dinner from hell, Victoria revealed this history to the new man in her mother’s life who promptly dumped Marion, leaving her with nothing. But the man was in Victoria’s pocket all along, facilitating her ultimate revenge on mommie dearest.

There were also flashbacks to Jack and his then-living father, Carl, stuff that no doubt has to do with the whole bar plot going on, but just like in present day, the story was boring and seemed kind of unnecessary. If this plot ties into the main story in any way, the writers need to make that clear soon.

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