Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Into the Deep” – Burn, Baby, Burn

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 8 Into the Deep (10)
As most plans in Once Upon a Time, using the sleeping curse as a means of communication between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest didn’t exactly go smoothly in this week’s episode, “Into the Deep.” In fact, things just got a whole lot worse for our heroes.

When it became clear that Cora was involved and might be coming to their world, Regina immediately enlisted Rumpelstiltskin’s help to figure out a way to stop her on the other side, information Henry would convey to Aurora in the fiery room. Rumple had a plan, to use the same enchanted ink that Cinderella used to trap him in order to do the same to Cora. Rumple and Cora apparently have some serious history that I can’t wait to find out more about.

Although there is supposedly a bottle of the ink in Rumple’s old cell, he did mention that the squid that made it could only be reached by magic or a mermaid. Hello, Ariel?

Unwilling to risk Henry’s safety just to convey this message, Charming decided to put himself under the sleeping curse (via spinning needle, a nice touch) in order to gain access to the room. Rightfully figuring that when Aurora had disappeared while talking to Henry, something bad had happened to her, Charming figured that Snow, as the only other person to have been under the sleeping curse, would take her place.

After raising an army of the dead with her stolen heart collection, Cora went after Aurora in order to use her as leverage for the compass that would allow her access to Storybrooke. I was pleasantly surprised at how much backbone Aurora displayed; even when Cora implied that she could bring Phillip back to life, Aurora refused to betray Snow and Emma and Mulan.

It seemed like her perseverance had paid off when Hook, claiming he wanted to punish Cora and gain back Emma’s trust, helped her escape, but it sadly became clear that poor Aurora did not get away unscathed. At some point, Hook used his one good hand to steal Aurora’s heart for Cora, getting him back into her good graces and securing his passage to Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, Snow went under with the help of Mulan’s sleeping powder. She met up with Charming and got the information about the ink, but his plan to have her wake him up with love’s true kiss epically failed when it became clear that they couldn’t even touch in the fiery realm of the curse. So now Charming is stuck in sleeping hell and Snow will need to find a way to save him.

It’s not looking so good for the heroes. Having control over Aurora means that Cora knows Snow and Emma’s every move; does it also mean that Aurora is dead or can her heart be replaced? We haven’t seen that happen successfully yet, but I hope it’s possible. I just started to like Aurora.

And while it seems like Regina is softening, her mother has always been her weak point. Will she break her promises to Henry in order take care of Cora once and for all? Or will her mother be a very bad influence over her, should she and Hook make it to Storybrooke?

Next week is the final episode before the winter break. Let’s hope at least a few of our questions will be answered before the end of the year.

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