Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Mike Likes Briefs”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 8 Mike Likes Briefs (6)

This week’s title episode of Mike & Molly said it all and then some! Making a baby is usually a personal matter but not for ‘Mike and Molly’ whose attempts at trying to get pregnant becomes a family affair. Everyone had advice or something hilarious to say when the two have trouble starting a family. Feeling like a failure, Mike is down on himself and confides to Carl that he’s not sure what he could do to turn their luck around. The fact that he’s a one man roster is wearing him out and going commando or wearing leopard print undergarments doesn’t sound any better. Trying to help his partner out, Carl talks Mike into visiting an adult store where all of patrons clear out when they see the duo enter dressed in their uniforms!

Molly isn’t faring any better on her end either. The butt of a round of jokes from her mom and sister, the innuendos really start flying when Mike brings home a wedge in front of the girls and has no place to hide it but run upstairs. Things really get out of hand when another slew of aids and resources like incense, dolphin noises and necklaces don’t help either. Molly referring to the wedge as a flotation device was one of the highlights of the show as well as her reference to “making the donuts”. Mike walking in on Joyce in the shower also gave way to a round of jokes.

In the end ‘Mike and Molly’ decide to leave the pressure behind them. Together they finally come to the conclusion that there isn’t a need to rush and that they should take their time. Maybe talcum powder and going commando isn’t so bad after all. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more on Mike’s briefs and the baby front soon.

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