Bones Season 8 Review “The But In The Joke” – Murder and Hilarity Ensues

Bones Season 8 Episode 8 The But In The Joke

In this episode of Bones, called “The But In The Joke,” there were a whole lot of bad jokes, more than a few disgusting bits, some great art and even a couple of romantic moments.

I pretty much knew this was going to a unique episode when I saw that the body they were investigating wasn’t completely dead. Okay so maybe it was completely dead, but it was attached to another body (aka a guy named Zed) who wasn’t completely dead. Just the sight of the “body” chatting with the Squints on the table was enough to send my brain into overload, but when you added in things like Booth doing stand-up comedy and finding out that Fisher was an underground sensation in the comic world – I’m kind of surprised my head is still attached to my body.

Sweets getting Booth to get up and do stand-up so that they could see if the murderer was someone at the club was genius. No, it didn’t actually get them to their murderer, but it did put Booth on stage as a comedian and that made it totally worth it; well, at least in my opinion. The other bit that was completely worth watching was the funny musical montage of Hodgins checking out all the toilets. The montages have always been one of my favorite things on this show and I really love that they started changing them up now. It used to be that the montages were always a very serious affair and I’m not going to deny the fact that more than a few have brought me to tears. But the funny/exciting ones are a lot of fun, too.

The b-story with Angela and her art was fantastic, too. Though it was done mostly for laughs, I found it very poignant when she told Hodgins that he wouldn’t want her to be the woman she used to be. No, of course I don’t want that old Angela back, but I love that at least her artistic side is returning.

My favorite bits..

“You’re glued to decomposed human remains.” – And that would be the moment I would probably faint.

“Pulling them apart would rip off Michaelangelo’s skin, or worse, completely destroy the evidence.”
“Worse than ripping off my skin?”

“Yeah, to give you and your new buddy some time to bond.” – Haha! Booth is the master at droll humor.

Hodgins coming in and demanding Angela’s secret stash of peanut butter. She has one of those, too? We are so twins!

“Where is the spark plug I married?”

“What’re we calling the one that’s still alive?”

“Why won’t you tell us your name?”
“Because I don’t want you to know it. Pretty obvious, right?”

“I have a large, rugged pelvis? Booyah!”

Fisher dubbing the dead body “Steve Martin.”

“Everyone here is this weird combo of smart and dumb.”

“Peanut butter? I’m not a piece of toast!”

“I know my rights. You can’t just pin me down and slather peanut butter all over my private self.”
“What if we sedate you?”
“Depends. What’ve you got?”

“It’s weird when the remains talk.” – Oh man, noooo kidding!

The very high Zed asking Angela if she wanted to make out.

Brennan and Booth arguing over what was better – maps or GPS.

“Cowboys didn’t have antibiotics. Do you also want to die from a skinned knuckle?”

“I already slathered him with peanut butter, plied him with pharmaceuticals, now I gotta give him a sponge bath?”

“My routine is dark, disturbing and uncomfortable, just the way a comedy show should be.” – Methinks Fisher needs to look up the word “comedy.”

Booth trying to convince Sweets that an arrow through the head was laugh-out-loud funny.

“Some things are easy to make fun of; doesn’t mean they’re not important.”

“Fisher said it’s not normal. If anyone knows heckling, it’s Fisher.”

“You’re gonna get dermestid beetles in my peanut butter.” -Haha! Nice reference to one of the best commercials of all time.

Fisher suggesting that Hodgins watch The Three Stooges without the sound on. Where’s the fun in that?

“Cool isn’t really a thing anymore.”
“Thank you for proving my point.”

“Let me hear some raw, unfiltered honesty then.” – Famous last words.

Booth threatening to shoot Fisher. Well that’s one way to handle a heckler.

“I once shot an unarmed arm. I mean sure, I shot off both of his arms, but still.” – Bahahahaha!

The look on Booth’s face when Annie said he was funny.

Fisher’s little snicker whenever Brennan and Angela said the word “blow.” Funniest part was that he wasn’t laughing at what I thought he was laughing at.

“Was it a vase?”
“Not unless it was a vase full of urine.” – Um, ew.

Brennan knowing approximately how many toilets there were in the D.C. area.

Poor Hodgins having to inspect all those toilets. The gas mask was a very good idea.

“I got nothing better to say than she did.” – Aw.

Booth coming out of the bathroom and trying to look seductive with an arrow on his head.

Brennan completely losing her mind over Sweets’ jokes. Great minds think alike, I guess.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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