Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “The Deepening”

Given that the Belcher’s restaurant is located in a seaside tourist neighborhood, it seems natural for Bob’s Burgers to tread into shark infested waters and give us a little Jaws influenced story of its own. Rather than bringing real sharks into the town’s waters, “The Deepening” put Bob’s block under attack by the very same mechanical shark that had been used for a movie shot in the town decades earlier.

The mechanical shark was probably a disaster waiting to happen, but leave it to the Belcher kids to ensure that any disaster waiting to happen actually happens. Louise convinced Gene to get up on that mechanical shark so she could take the mechanical fin to sell on the black market. The shark-fin soup bit worked fine because Louise is kind of crazy as it is, but it could have been a little more finessed. With Tina’s hilarious Free-Willy inspired daydream just moments before, it might have been more believable if her desire to free the shark had led to the accidental tumble, or at least led to Louise manipulating Gene and Tina into getting the shark down to “free it” so she could secretly hack the fin off herself.

As block captain, Bob was hesitant to admit any responsibility for the installation of the shark at Fischoeder’s Wonder Wharf and once the shark was on a rampage, he was distressed to find out that his own children were responsible for bringing it down. With the rest of the Bob’s Burgers’ community on hand to voice their opinions and criticism, Bob took to the task of stopping the shark. What followed was a comical set of attempts to stop the shark’s rampage in town. Bob watched in disappointment as each of his plots not only failed, but worsened the damage and led it right into the basement of his restaurant.

Although Bob and the kids were keen on bringing the town’s movie history back to Fischoeder’s amusement park, Teddy had been the lone voice of protest. Teddy had played the role of a lifeguard on the set of The Deepening 3 and had harbored a grudge against the mechanical shark ever since. Teddy’s secret made for a pretty great running gag as he was inexplicably outraged and terrified by the return of the shark making it seem as if there was some sinister history or tragic curse tied to the prop itself. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that we discovered that Teddy held the mechanical shark (and not the shark’s operator) responsible for an embarrassing moment which led to a lifetime of overeating.

It all came together in the end when Teddy was able to play his part in destroying the shark that had terrorized him and his town. Thanks to his man-girdle (aka. the “boyle”) Teddy could withstand the mechanical shark’s jaws for long enough to stop its system up using Bob’s broken ice cream machine.

This was a consistently amusing episode of Bob’s Burgers. Even though the plot wasn’t particularly memorable on its own, bringing the entire community into Bob’s restaurant and out on to the block always makes for a good time.

Favorite lines of the night:

  • Linda: “That shark made me so scared of the water I spent the whole summer standing up to pee – then I just got into the habit.”
  • Tina: “Listen to me! I know how the shark thinks. It’s confused. It doesn’t know why you want to kill it. It just wants to go home.”
    Bob: “Tina, it’s a machine. It’s dumber than our toaster.”
    Tina: “Our toaster is also confused. It doesn’t know why we put bagels in it.”
    Bob: “Oh my god.”
  • Bob: “If a spike strip can stop those drunk shriners, it can probably stop a shark.”
  • Tina: “I’m torn. Dad raised me, but the shark gets me.”
  • Teddy: “We’re gonna need a bigger restaurant.”
  • Bob: “I am literally grasping at straws!”