Liz & Dick (Lifetime) Advance Review

The day has finally come. Lifetime premieres Liz and Dick tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET. Liz and Dick is Lifetime’s original movie chronicling the on and off relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Most of the hype of the movie stems from the decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. This also serves to be one of the biggest problems with the film.

When word of the movie and casting first started to spread, I admit that I did not give it much thought. I saw the pictures of Lindsay Lohan in costume and saw the resemblance between her and Elizabeth Taylor. Unfortunately, the resemblance and the fantasy that Lindsay Lohan could play Elizabeth Taylor ended when she opened her mouth and delivered her lines.

I am a fan of Lindsay Lohan. Who doesn’t enjoy Mean Girls? I will even take Lindsay Lohan in Georgia Rules. Despite her acting abilities, however, Lindsay does not have the confidence or commanding presence that is required to portray Elizabeth Taylor. Although I was a child when Elizabeth Taylor was in her prime, the woman that I remember always seemed glamorous, sultry and engaging. There was little of that to be seen in Liz and Dick.

It is not just the casting that fails in Liz and Dick. It is also the storyline. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s relationship spanned 12 years, two marriages, and a whole lot of scandal. The writers and producers tried to condense that into an hour and a half run time with little success. The focus was lost and references seemed to be just thrown at the viewer randomly. Added to that mix was a subplot regarding Richard Burton and his relationship with his brother, leaving the movie, as a whole, disjointed, confusing and not at all interesting. Honestly, I feel I know no more about Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, or their relationship before I started watching the movie. More importantly, I do not even care to find out.

Would the movie be better if someone else would have been cast as Elizabeth Taylor? Perhaps, but not by much. In my opinion, the best part of this film by far was the costume and makeup. Unfortunately, playing dress up does not a movie make.

What do you think? Do you plan on giving Liz and Dick and Lindsay Lohan a shot tonight on Lifetime? If so, come back here and tell me what you thought of the movie. I would love to know if anyone actually enjoyed it.