Dexter Season 7 Review “Helter Skelter”

Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 Helter Skelter

“It makes sense! It’s logical! Like the way I love M&Ms, even though I know I shouldn’t.” – Dexter Morgan
“M f***in’ Ms” – Debra Morgan

Dexter continued its stellar seventh season tonight with an episode I loved almost as much as I love M&Ms, “Helter Skelter”.

We start the episode with a very rare sight indeed: Dexter is taking his boat out in the daylight! Not only that, but he has somebody else on the boat with him! The Slice of Life has been a constant fixture on this show across all seven seasons, but we’ve seen very few people aboard the trusty boat with Dex. Well…very few people with a pulse, at least.

It’s really nice to see Dexter in such a happy place with Hannah, but when the episode begins we actually see a crack in their seemingly perfect union. Hannah tells a story to Dexter about the scariest moment in her life, and when she asks for Dexter to reciprocate by sharing his own fears, he can’t. He shuts down. It’s good to see that their relationship isn’t all perfect, and I loved how Dexter was able to learn more about his feelings for Hannah throughout the episode.

The bulk of the episode revolves around Isaak finding out that two men have been sent to kill him, and he asks Dex for help. Some part of me was wishing that the previous episode would be Ray Stevenson’s last as Isaak. I really loved the idea of writing out a “big bad” from Dexter without him needing to be killed off. His scene in the gay bar last week with Dexter was so good, and it would have been cool if he just skipped town with Jurg at his side and maybe popped back up on the series in the future.

However, Isaak’s storyline this week was intriguing enough that I don’t mind him going out this way. I also really like Jurg, and I really like typing “Jurg”, so I was happy to see him get to develop a little bit as a character before getting his head bashed in by a lamp.

The Kashka Brotherhood sends two of their finest hitmen after Isaak, the up close and personal Benjamin Caffrey and the sniper Oled Mikic. Dexter kills Mikic quickly, but it seemed a little too brazen for Dexter’s style. I know he’s working against a clock with Hannah being captured, but killing somebody in a public place in broad daylight doesn’t seem very safe. Dispatching Caffrey by luring him to an abandoned boat in an empty port was definitely more his style.

I really loved the scene between Isaak and Dexter discussing their respective feelings for Viktor and Hannah. So far this season we really haven’t seen Isaak mourning Viktor’s death, except for one short scene in episode 2 where he lovingly rubs Viktor’s picture. I don’t really buy Isaak feeling guilty for Viktor’s death, though. In what way is he even remotely responsible? Viktor was in the mob, and dangerous things happen. He killed a girl and a cop, so in reality he brought it on himself. Dexter comparing that to Rita’s death is also a stretch. Dexter had multiple opportunities to kill Trinity, but his pride and arrogance kept him from doing so. That wasn’t the case with Isaak, but his point still stands. He thinks that Dexter should appreciate the relationship he has with Hannah more than he does, as he never knows what could happen to her.

Meanwhile, Quinn is still dealing with George and Nadia, but I have a hard time caring about the George/Quinn/Nadia storyline at all. Now that Isaak is out of the picture, I don’t get why any of their drama relates to the main story at all. I know George killed Isaak, but that was really more of a self defense measure to keep Isaak from turning on him after he sent the assassins. I’m hoping we’re given another reason to care about this storyline at all, because as of right now the only interesting part about the scenes at the Foxhole is all of the nudity.

LaGuerta is still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case, and now she’s seeking help from the retired and disgraced Captain Tom Matthews. I’m not sure what Matthews could possibly have on Dexter that would send LaGuerta down that path, but I’m interested to see if he has anything juicy. In any case, it’s definitely looking like a Dexter/LaGuerta showdown is getting set up here, and this could put poor Maria on Dexter’s table in the season finale. Maria LaGuerta has spent most of the last few years on this show being a punching bag for Dexter fans, so here’s hoping she can redeem herself a little bit before getting taken out.

I’m relegating the Deb/Dexter discussion to the last paragraph, and not only because I disliked the original storyline so much, but mostly because I feel like this plot twist is finally on its way out. Dexter is surprisingly willing to discuss Debra’s feelings, and their conversation at the first crime was great. Not only because of the awesome M&Ms quote that I used above, but mostly because they never say they’re adopted siblings! Everybody who defended this storyline last season used this silly excuse to explain it. “It’s not that gross, because they aren’t even technically related!” This could have easily been Dexter’s reasoning to try to explain it away, but neither of them called each other anything but brother and sister. My biggest complaint with this whole storyline from the beginning isn’t the “incest” itself, but rather the fact that it came out of the blue, and then they tried to pretend like they were setting up this story all along. In the very first episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones they introduce two characters that have an incestuous relationship, and it doesn’t bother me, because that’s how the characters are written. If these feelings were mentioned or teased back in earlier seasons then revisiting it in season six wouldn’t have been so bad. Dexter and Debra have loved each other the entire series, but strictly as a brother and sister.

Oh, but Dexter texting Hannah while he was talking to Deb? That was a dick move, man.

Random Thoughts:

– Not a big fan of Dexter’s kids getting written off the show so quickly. All we get is one throwaway line from Hannah in the first scene about how the kids are in Orlando! Lame!

– I was a big fan of Arson Inspector Phil Bosso, and I really hope he becomes more of a recurring character. He’s listed on IMDb as being in next week’s episode as well, so I’m excited for that.

– In case you were wondering exactly how many people Dexter has killed, this episode brings the confirmed total up to 122! Check out the entire list at!