[TV MOVIE] The March Sisters at Christmas (Lifetime) Starring Julie Berman, Melissa Farman, Kaitlin Doubleday & Molly Kunz

The March Sisters at Christmas (Lifetime)

Tonight’s TV Movie The March Sisters at Christmas premieres Saturday November 24 (8 PM) on Lifetime and stars Julie Berman, Melissa Farman, Kaitlin Doubleday, Molly Kunz, Justin Bruening and John Shea.

The March Sisters at Christmas Synopsis: A modern retelling of Louisa Mae Alcott’s Little Women. Sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March are shocked to learn that their mother is planning to sell their family home, Orchard House. Mom and dad can’t afford to keep up with the extensive repairs the house needs, and once they return home after Christmas, the house is going on the market.

Jo talks her sisters into helping her bring the house back to its former glory while the parents are gone – maybe if they repair it in time, the family can afford to stay under the same roof. The house isn’t alone in getting fixed up – Jo suspects that her friend and neighbor Teddy is developing feelings for her, while her sister Amy is beginning to take notice of him. But Jo is not interested in romance – she’s keeping busy with her writing.

When she meets an editor who is interested in publishing her work, she finds herself drawn to him. Meanwhile, things at home are turning complicated – Amy is frustrated that she can’t seem to get Teddy to notice her, and Meg is wrestling with her feelings for an old beau whose heart she broke, while Beth is concerned with the growing friction between her sisters as they rush to finish the house before the holiday. What should be a house full of Christmas cheer has become a hostile home front, and as the tension in the house reaches a breaking point, the sisters have a falling out. Now, with the house unfinished and their romantic lives unresolved, can Jo find a way to bring the March Sisters back together to save the house – and their family – before Christmas is ruined?

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