[TV MOVIE] Naughty or Nice (Hallmark) Starring Hilarie Burton

Naughty or Nice (Hallmark)

The upcoming TV Movie Naughty or Nice premieres Saturday November 24 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C) on Hallmark and stars Hilarie Burton, Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Matt Dallas and Gabriel Tigerman.

Naughty or Nice Synopsis: Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill,” “Secret Life of Bees”) stars as holiday humbug Krissy Kringle, who receives a special delivery intended for Santa Claus in “Naughty or Nice,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere Saturday, November 24 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). In the film, also starring three-time Emmy® nominee Meredith Baxter (“Family Ties,” “Dan Vs”), Michael Gross (“Family Ties,” “How I Met Your Mother”), Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”) and Gabriel Tigerman (“Skills Like This”), Burton uses the power of the “Naughty or Nice” book to un-do some Naughty deeds around her, but finds that her newfound power isn’t always so Nice.

After she is suddenly fired from her job, Krissy Kringle (Burton) is in no mood for all the misdirected Santa mail she receives to her home on Candy Cane Lane. Even so, one package in particular stands out: Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” book, which he left behind when visiting a child. After Krissy realizes that the book is magical and will show her all the bad deeds of those around her, Krissy sets out to expose everyone she knows who has been naughty.

From her decoration-stealing neighbor, to her backstabbing former co-worker, it seems as though just about everyone has a naughty side that Krissy must deal with. Eventually, the naughty list hits too close to home, exposing a truth about her long-time boyfriend, Lance (Dallas) and causing turmoil with one of her neighbors. With the help of her mother, Carol (Baxter) and father Walter Kringle (Gross), Krissy discovers that the book’s powers also reveal the nice in people, not just the naughty.

Using the magic of the book and with the encouragement of her friend Marco (Tigerman), Krissy sets out to fix all of the damage she has done, get her job back and reconcile with Lance. When an accident damages the “Naughty or Nice” book, Krissy must use her inner strength to undo the damage and reveal the nice in everyone without any magical help.

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