Whitney Season 2 Review “Poor Whitney”

On the latest episode of “Whitney,” it’s bill-paying time, and like most of us, “Poor Whitney” is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Tired of the charade of Whitney not having anything to contribute and making a big to-do about it, Alex finally has enough and suggests the two finally open a joint banking account, now that they’re fake married and all.

Whitney: “I’m going to be able to contribute soon…and I’m totally back on track with my Kegels.”
Alex: “I know.”

Meanwhile, Mark decides to upend his life completely, quitting his job on the police force and buying the bar he and his cop buddies hang out at. Lily is wary of the news: “Uh-oh. This is how Dexter began…”

Whitney, however, is surprisingly supportive, for once, much to Mark’s chagrin: “I’m not gonna lie…it’s a little weird that you’re the person here with the most positive attitude.”

Sadly, that support doesn’t extend towards Alex when she learns at the bank that Alex isn’t as well off as she thought: “You sold your website! I saw “The Social Network.” That guy was hanging out with Justin Timberlake!”

Putting two and two together, she realizes that she might be the problem: “Oh my God- I’m draining you!”
Says Alex, without missing a beat: “Only mentally.”

Whitney wastes no time in trying to downsize their spending, offering to stop using Lunesta: “From now on, before bed, you can just punch me in the back of the neck.” (Holy crap- was that a donkey punch joke? And not on “2 Broke Girls”…go figure.)
Alex: “You may not have to wait until bedtime for that to happen.”

Later, Whitney offers to help out, by sussing out viable ideas with Alex: “I am really good at brain-storming. I mean, there is always a storm in my brain.”

Mark talks to Lily about his new investment, and she calls him on opting not to have Wi-Fi at the bar, saying he wants people to actually talk to one another at his bar, a la “Cheers.” Lily balks at the very suggestion: “Nobody wants to talk to each other. Words are out.”

The gang eventually has dinner together, when Alex realizes Whitney has told everyone what happened, much to his embarrassment, and everyone tries to pay for their own food. Whitney is apologetic and offers Alex a solid make-up plan: “You wanna go home and take a shower? My boobs are really dirty.”

Though Alex takes her up on her offer, the damage is done. It doesn’t help matters that Whitney is behaving like a lunatic, stuffing free food at an art gallery showing into her purse, and acting as if the two could be homeless at any second, completely emasculating poor Alex: “Here. Put these nuts in your pocket.”
Alex: “Great. They’ll replace the ones I used to have.”

They take some comfort in mocking the dubious photographs at the art exhibit, as Whitney observes: “This [photo] is really bad. I could take this photo by accident with my butt.”

Unfortunately, Alex is still upset, and actually buys the photo Whitney mocked…for $800! Pretty steep price for what literally turns out to be a photograph of a urine puddle. Um, yuck. Whitney apologizes at home, promising to support and believe in Alex more: “I think I just lose my mind when it comes to money stuff.
Alex: “Money stuff?”
Whitney: “All stuff? Look, I’m so sorry, and I promise that…it will happen again.”

Oh well, at least she’s honest. An okay episode, but a little too slow-paced for my tastes. I mentioned last week how the show is inherently slower moving than Cummings’ other series “2 Broke Girls.” That isn’t so bad in terms of getting to know the characters better, but one still wishes the jokes came a bit quicker…and landed a bit harder.

I mean, the above lines are solid enough, but clearly, Cummings can do better, so I don’t get why she seems determined to do things so differently here than on her other show. If it ain’t (2) broke, don’t fix it, right? Hopefully, things will pick over the weeks to come; otherwise, NBC might let the show go for good. I know they want to build a new comedy-driven night, but it helps to get the comedy you have in good shape first.

What did you think? Did “Whitney” have an off night? What do you think they could do better? Would you be willing to trade some character development for more solid laughs? Let me know in the comments!