Happy Thanksgiving! What We’re Thankful For [TV Equals Edition]

thanksgiving 2012 tvequals

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

As we all get ready for a great meal today and some (hopefully) relaxing time, we here at TV Equals wanted to take some time to share a few things we’re thankful for this year.

You! Our Dear Readers

First up is you, our dear readers. TV Equals wouldn’t exist without your support. Whether you’ve ever read, commented on, shared an article or even talked about us, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU. You make this whole journey of ours better by allowing us to share our love of TV with you.

We look forward to continuing providing you with more content you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Our Beloved Writers

While TV Equals wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our readers, it certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without the wonderful contributions from our beloved writers. Every single one of them has helped make TV Equals better and make us even more excited about TV by sharing their own takes and thoughts on what airs on the small screen.

You can find out more about every single one of them on our About page.


Sabienna Bowman, Jessica Breaux, Michelle Carlbert, Jaylen Christie, Dani Bradford, Rob H. Dawson, Kristen Elizabeth, Luke Gelineau, Candice Grace, Monique Jones, Dyanamaria Leifsson, Tobias J. “Axechucker” McGuffin, Sarah Luoma, Kelly Michele, Adam Newland, Caroline Preece, PT Jackson, Rueben, Mark Trammell, Courtney Vaudreuil and Jocelyn W.



Our love for television is the reason that we’re here and are able to connect to each other through a common passion. So we felt it deserves its own thanks for giving us something to talk about and feel passionate about.


From the first day we started watching TV until now, there has been such a huge evolution of the technology that brings us our favorite television programs and we’re thankful for that. Where before you had to rely on a channel airing repeats of a show to discover something new you might have originally missed, it is not the case anymore. In fact, the arrival of TV on DVD, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other online offering allow us to catch up on not only our favorite shows even if we might have missed an episode, but it also allows us to discover tons of new shows as well.

In fact, I discovered my all time favorite show, Doctor Who, thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly.

Special Mention: Doctor Who

Speaking of Doctor Who, my final thanks and special mention is for Doctor Who, for being the best show on TV, challenging my views on life, putting a smile on my face and just simply being awesome!


Enjoy the food and relax a bit and if you’re looking for something fun to read during the holidays, we have put together a list of 101 awesome TV articles previously published on TV Equals to keep you busy.