American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 Review “The Origins of Monstrosity” – It’s All In The Name Of Progress…

There are Nazi doctors, possessed nuns, murderous children, and serial murderers that wear the skin of their victims. With all of that craziness in one place, it can only be American Horror Story: Asylum. In “The Origins of Monstrosity” we finally have answers to a lot of our questions, and yet somehow more questions popped up as well.

First we were introduced to Jenny, a seemingly adorable little seven year old. Jenny’s mother comes to Briarcliff to ask Sister Jude to take the young girl. Apparently something has been wrong with Jenny since birth – she never cried, never expressed emotion, and then there’s that little problem of one of her friends ending up murdered after spending a day in the woods with Jenny. Of course the man that Jenny saw never shows up, and finding a piece of the friend’s hair in Jenny’s pocket leads mom to commit her daughter.

Unfortunately, Briarcliff doesn’t have a children’s ward, but this doesn’t stop the scared mother. She leaves Jenny at the institution and heads home to her other kids. Enter Mary Eunice who takes Jenny under her wing and tells the girl that she’s smarter than everyone around her and to never let anyone tell her what to do. Honestly, Lily Rabe is wonderful as Mary Eunice. Her innocent looks makes her devilish attitude that more amazing, and also makes it hard to not like her character, even as she’s defending a Nazi.

Doctor Arden is about to be exposed, and this is when we get to see how Briarcliff started. Monsignor Timothy Howard took pity on Arden when the Monsignor purchased Briarcliff. Instead of kicking the doctor out of the hospital, Timothy allows Arden to stay on as the staff doctor and continue his work on what he calls his “immune booster”. All of those patients that have disappeared are revealed to have been injected with tuberculosis and syphilis. The Monsignor is NOT pleased when he sees the result of Arden’s experiments, and threatens to expose all of his work. But something stops him as Arden explains that all of Briarcliff’s secrets will be revealed if he is. This leaves the Monsignor no choice, and he sends Sister Jude packing.

However, she’s not going without a fight. Her informant tells her that Anne Frank was right, Arden was a Nazi in the camps during the holocaust. She needs to bring him a fingerprint for confirmation, and just when you think that Arden is finally going to be exposed, Mary Eunice steps in and kills Goodman before Sister Jude can provide any evidence.

That’s what’s going on at Briarcliff. Now we have to talk about Lana and Threseden, AKA Bloody Face. Lana wakes up all snuggie in bed, but soon realizes that everything she’d been through was not a nightmare – she is still chained to a bed in the basement of Bloody Face. However, Oliver makes her a grilled cheese and tomato soup and opens up to tell her why he is the way that he is.

It all boils down to mommy issues, and how he was abandoned as a child. Once in the orphanage, Oliver was never given any sort of physical touch, and during medical school he realized that he needed the feel of human skin, but cadavers weren’t cutting it. Instead, he started going after live victims, but even live skin wasn’t good enough for him. Lana starts the sympathy card and talks about how she was abandoned in Briarcliff, so she understands him in a way that other victims didn’t.

This leads Oliver to be incredibly happy and call Lana “mommy”… and so begins the creepiest interaction of serial killer and victim on television. So we know that Lana might be able to stay alive, that Sister Mary Eunice wants to take over and protect Arden, and Arden has something to hold over Timothy to keep his experiments secret.

What else can possibly happen on American Horror Story?? Stay tuned for next week to find out.

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