The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Thanksgiving”

This week’s holiday themed episode of The Mindy Project, “Thanksgiving,” took our characters out of the doctor’s office, but kept them lumped together in groups as they split off for their own Thanksgiving celebrations.

Once again, the Josh and Mindy opening was clever and cute. I hope there will be a true Mindy and Josh centered episode in the future of The Mindy Project because I think I’d enjoy just watching the two of them banter as they roamed around the city aimlessly. I was a little disappointed that Josh was initially a commitment-phobe because I didn’t want another reason to think he was being sleazy or using Mindy when he had seemed so genuinely interested in her previously. His personality was already a hurdle to overcome, so if he didn’t end up calling Mindy to reconsider the exclusivity agreement, it would have meant the end of my growing fondness for Josh’s obnoxious character.

Before Josh and Mindy made up though, Mindy did a great job of making Thanksgiving at Gwen’s house super awkward. I loved Mindy’s reaction to meeting Dennis’ younger, hotter, and equally intelligent, Indian girlfriend, Gita. That signaled the start of her downward spiral into being the villain, the “other girl” in all those romantic comedies she models her love life after. She was bad Mindy, and as much as I disapproved of what she was trying to do, I couldn’t help but laugh at her attempts at villainy.

While Mindy and Morgan enjoyed an upper crust Thanksgiving, Daniel carefully planned to spend his Thanksgiving alone in the office while Betsy and Jeremy spent Thanksgiving with Betsy’s family. Neither Daniel’s story or the Betsy and Jeremy stories did much of anything for me. I enjoyed some of the gags in each storyline, but they didn’t contribute in any significant way to the overall episode. Betsy and Jeremy’s time with her family felt particularly forced since neither one of those characters is interesting enough to be the center of an independent plot line without Mindy or Danny involved.

The episode overall suffered because we were being pulled in too many directions. They wanted us to see a little bit of what all the characters were doing on their own, but half of what they were doing wasn’t relevant or very interesting. It may have been more appropriate to just leave half the characters out of this particular episode and focus on the stories happening in the space around Mindy. The Thanksgiving photo montage at the end was really the only thing that attempted to link everyone together, so while there were definitely laugh out loud moments, this Thanksgiving episode of The Mindy Project wound up being mostly forgettable.