Survivor: Philippines Review “Whiners are Weiners”

It’s always great seeing people get what’s coming to them, right? Is there anything more gratifying than seeing karma play out? That’s exactly how I feel when tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines started, as we see Abi and Pete return to camp after tribal and realize how well and truly screwed they are.

“Whiners are Weiners” continues to focus on Abi and Lisa, as Lisa has to deal with the consequences of leaving her old alliance. I’m really interested to see how much further she can get in the game, as it really does look like she’s at the bottom of her new alliance.

We quickly get to the reward challenge, and it was a weird one. I’m always happy to see a new challenge on Survivor, as they’ve been more and more prone to just rehash old challenges, but I thought this one would be too simple. I guess I was wrong! Not only did Abi flip the other teams game piece, but Skupin did as well! It wasn’t entirely fair that the four youngest tribe members were all on the same team, either, but I guess that’s all the luck of the draw!

Obviously the younger team won, and this led to yet another classic Abi moment. Not only was Abi already on the outs after the events of last week, but then she commits the Survivor cardinal sin of bragging about the reward! Denise is completely right about her; she has zero social skills. I also loved Malcolm saying she has the social graces of a Mack truck. I really can’t remember the last person in this game who was this socially inept. I don’t even think Abi is borderline crazy either, like former Survivor: Redemption Island contestant Phillip, she just has no idea how to talk to people.

We then get to the great immunity challenge, as Carter is able to push his buoy along to the finish line and he wins the immunity necklace. I didn’t think that there would be anything that could possibly keep Pete from going home tonight, but then things got a little crazy.

Pete’s idea for Skupin to vote out Malcolm seems like a good idea. You get one of the strongest players out of the game, you get rid of two immunity idols, and you get to stick with two of your original tribe mates in the process. However, you completely destroy your chances at jury votes. By voting out Malcolm you may have a better shot of going to the end, but you just promised him that you would be in the final four together! You’re going to alienate those other three people you were in that alliance with, and you’re going to find yourself at the bottom of an alliance with the insufferable Abi and the manipulative Pete!

After a cringe-incuding tribal council, we find out that Pete is indeed being sent home. I don’t feel a lick of sympathy for Abi, but I am hoping that she doesn’t just roll over next week. The only way for her to stay in the game is to win an immunity necklace or for somebody else to do something really stupid, but we’ll cross our fingers that neither of those things happen!

See you all next week, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else think it’s a bit odd that Survivor always manages to find a beautiful untouched paradise to film their seasons, and then they clear out a bunch of plants to make room for their challenges? The camera always sweeps over this beautiful beach and jungle, and then smack dab in the middle of the scenic beauty is a clearing made to shoot the challenges. I’m not an environmental nut or anything, but I was wondering if this bothered anybody else.

– I loved the faces Denise made when Abi kept talking about the reward. She seems like such a nice lady, but you could tell that she was pissed.

– I usually recommend to people that you go watch the Ponderosa extra scenes at, but RC’s laugh is so annoying that I hesitate to even point you in that direction. If you can handle hearing RC’s nail-on-a-chalkboard laugh, then have at it!