Supersized ‘Smash’ Season Two Trailer Promises Music, Drama And A Whole Lot Of Jennifer Hudson [Video]

Smash Season Finale (NBC) "Bombshell" Episode 15 (4)

“Let’s give them a show they’ll never forget,” says Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) in the promising new trailer for NBC’s Smash. After an uneven first season, the supersized season two trailer hints that Smash might finally be poised to do just that.

New showrunner Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) has infused the series with plenty of new faces, including the aforementioned Hayes, who will be playing a “comedic TV and film star” on the verge of making his Broadway debut, while also streamlining the original cast. The most high profile addition to the cast is Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, whose show-stopping numbers dominate the trailer.

Hudson’s considerable talents aren’t this season’s only selling point though, the trailer promises lots of backstage backstabbing and Broadway-worthy drama for all of the characters. You can watch the four minute trailer below. Let us know if you think this looks like a new and improved Smash in the comments.

Season two of Smash premieres Tuesday, February 5th at 9/8c with a special two-hour episode.