Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 3 Review

In the third episode of BBC3’s answer to The Inbetweeners, Some Girls, the ladies do a spot of babysitting, 2012 style. These girls are immature and live on a council estate, but are let into an OCD-sufferer’s pristine home – can you see what might go wrong with this scenario?

To be fair, the obvious red wine spill on the carpet and general mess in the flat isn’t the end of the story, and Viva, who’s responsible for the creepy child next door, manages to come out of the episode largely unscathed. Charged with babysitting on the night the girls have decided to throw an anti-Brandon party for distraught Amber, she invites her friends round to keep her company. Brandon has a new girlfriend, much to Amber’s mortification, and it turns out that they might have even made a baby together.

Of course, soppy cow as she is, Amber doesn’t really process this news properly and resolutely resists the efforts of her friends until the last moment. With chewing gum, pubic hair, teddy bear keyring and cheap earrings all thrown away or burnt to cinders, it looks promising until Brandon turns up at the flat to make excuses. It looks as if this love affair will continue on for the remainder of the series, and it’ll take a miracle for Amber to wise up to her boyfriend’s ways.

Poor Viva spends the episode trying to keep her friends in check, cleaning sick, wiping up red win spills (of course), and keeping all men away from a skittish child. At the same time, she has to uncover the source of the dirty texts sent to her dad’s phone, and discovers to her horror that they’re from Holli. She’s got weird daddy issues, apparently, and moves on to Saz’s dad once she’s been found out. Speaking of our sarcastic friend, she’s being teased about her body hair (she’s forbidden to remove it on religious grounds) at school and enlists her friends to help remove it. It’s a funny subplot and will no doubt resonate with younger viewers just entering into the world of hair removal.

Overall, this episode is very entertaining, and is promising after last week’s mediocre venture. Some Girls is obviously aimed a viewers younger than the characters, and provides a short escape that thankfully lacks the doom and gloom so apparent elsewhere on current television. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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