Private Practice Season 6 Review “Apron Strings”

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 6 Apron Strings (5)
Private Practice moved beyond Sam’s family drama last week to all things Addison. The doctor had her hands quite full on this week’s episode.

It wouldn’t be a television drama adoption storyline without some obstacles courtesy of one or both biological parents. Henry’s biological mother joined the show this week, seeking a role in the child’s life. Judy did not make things easy for Addison. First it was the unexpected return and then the awkwardness of bringing her mother along on a visit to meet Henry. Addison may have a history of being a neurotic mess in her relationships but she is generally balanced and reasonable in the other aspects of her life. Because of this, it was not surprising that she ultimately decided to allow Judy to have a presence in Henry’s life.

Addison also received word that her mentor, Vivian, was dying. Vivian shared a painful secret about giving up a daughter for adoption and knowing nothing about her. To bring closure to the situation, Vivian penned a heartfelt letter to her daughter set to flashback of Addison’s joy as she met Henry and the pain Judy faced in making her decision to let him go. With the kidnapped girl still missing, I was glad that the Private Practice writers gave viewers the satisfaction of seeing Addison track down Vivian’s daughter. Saying goodbye to Vivian ultimately allowed Addison the means to welcome Judy into Henry’s life.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of Addison’s woes. A former patient decided to sue the doctor for wrongful birth of her child born with spina bifida. Wrongful birth just sounds so wrong.

The mother did not regret giving birth to her daughter but desperately needed money for healthcare after losing her husband and her job. In an ending made only for tv, Addison convinced the mother to drop the suit and set out to help her find a job.

So let’s see, is that it? Nope. In the midst of all the chaos, Addison decided to propose to Jake. We also got mini-cooper talk as Charlotte and Cooper discussed baby names. Shonda Rhimes, you better not mess with those triplets for your own wicked, dramatic purposes!

Overall, I thought the Addison-centered installment was pretty good. I preferred it a bit more than the Sam-centered episode last week. Jake, it looks like next!

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