Parenthood “One More Weekend With You” Season 4 Review – Aftereffects

On this week’s episode of Parenthood, the Bravermans found themselves dealing with the aftereffects of their various personal challenges.

The progress Julia and Joel made with welcoming Victor to the family has been great to watch but it did not come without a price. As we’ve seen on previous seasons of Parenthood, Sydney can be a demanding, high-maintenance little girl who could be best described as a sore loser at times. Having no patience left for “Victor time,” Sydney reached her breaking point this week. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of Sydney’s spoiled antics, however her response felt realistic given the circumstances. Although I’d love to see things going smoothly for Julia and Joel, I appreciate the writers taking a realistic approach to the storyline. Adjustments of this kind definitely take time for everyone involved.

Speaking of bratty kids, I don’t know what it is about that Amy but she seems to bring the worst out of the normally sweet Drew. Drew put Mark in a really awkward position this week thanks to his early morning romp in Mark’s apartment. Evidently, Drew is comfortable using Mark’s home for a little early morning delight but he draws the line when Mark actually tries to show concern. I’m certain Drew is headed for another round of heartache and as much as I love Mark, it’s time to let that go too.

Adam and Kristina dealt with chemotherapy and a poorly timed sleepover. I have no idea how Adam kept his sanity in the midst of all that chaos.

In another very serious story line, Amber accompanied Ryan on a road trip for the funeral of one of his fellow soldiers who committed suicide. I never doubted that Amber would stick by Ryan but I suspect these two have a long road ahead of them.

Crosby and Jasmine may fight over napkins but they proved to be quite the dynamic duo this week. They pulled off their party, complete with an awesome playlist prepared by Crosby. They handled Adam’s unexpected drop in with the kids with ease and Crosby’s hidden sock drawer stash gave Kristina a much-needed reprieve from her post-chemotherapy pain. It’s really nice to see these two in a healthy relationship.

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