101 TV Articles To Keep You Busy During The Holiday Season [2012 Edition]

101 TV Articles To Keep You Busy During The Holiday Season

Hi everyone!

Thanksgiving is upon us and we all know what that means: Family, Food and endless re-runs on TV. Basically, the good ol’ traditions we all know and love.

This year, TV Equals would like to introduce you to a new tradition: 101 TV articles That will Keep You Busy During The Holiday Season .

We have selected these articles because we believe they best exemplify the awesome and fun articles that have been written in the past few months from our amazing group of writers. There are a ton of fun and engaging articles for every kind of show you can imagine.

So kick back, relax, put your feet up and hunker down to check out these great TV articles. Do us a favor and drop a line in the comment section about any of the articles you check out to share your thoughts on it. We love, love, love to hear from you so don’t be shy.

Happy Reading (and Thanksgiving)!

General Topics
[INFOGRAPHIC] Racial Diversity On TV (Fall 2012)
5 Returning Show Premieres That I Can’t Wait To See
10 TV Kisses That Were Worth The Wait
New Show Superlatives (Fall 2012)
The Premiere Week Manifesto (Fall 2012)
6 Interesting TV Show Pets
How To Break Up With A TV Show In 5 Easy Steps
5 Perfect Homage TV Episodes
5 British Comedies Every Anglophile Should See
7 Questions to Never Ask at a Fan Convention
The Comedy Debate: Traditional vs. Cult
5 Ingredients for a Great Sci-Fi TV Show
5 TV Characters Who Need A Hug
7 Fictional Characters That Should Have Their Own Cooking Show
7 TV Characters With Cool Mental Abilities Due to Extraordinary Reasons
My 8 Favorite Medical Examiners
7 TV Character Personality Traits I Would Like To Have
TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Fathers
Too Quirky To Live: 5 Shows That Were Too Offbeat To Survive On Network TV
6 Silly Questions TV Characters Recently Asked
5 TV Shows That Are My Guilty Pleasures
5 TV Locales That Would Suck As A Vacation Spot
6 TV Characters I Want On My Side In Case Of An Apocalypse
Finally! TV Hookups We Were Excited to See
TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Mothers
The 7 Geekiest and Nerdiest Female Characters On TV
My 8 Most Menacing TV Artificial Life Forms
6 TV Vampires With Bite

A Message To The Networks
Hey USA Network, Don’t Be Rough With Necessary Roughness
Vanessa Williams: Hail To The Bitchy
Private Practice Cancelled …Told You
5 Reasons Why NBC Should Extend Its Stay On Mockingbird Lane
All Hail USA: How the Network Dominates the Cable Landscape

Animation Domination
Bob’s Burgers: 5 Episodes That Will Get You Hooked
5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Gravity Falls

Oh Crime Drama
5 Reasons I am Enjoying Major Crimes on TNT
6 Things That Make TNT’s Perception Great
My 6 Favorite Fritz and Brenda Moments on The Closer
5 Character Redemptions on Person of Interest
7 Things I Have Learned From Crime Procedural TV Shows

Warm and Fuzzy
5 Things About Modern Family That Tickle My Funny Bone
6 Things I Adore About Dr. Jeremiah Sacani from Royal Pains
Covert Affairs Character Study: All About Auggie
5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Warehouse 13

Arrow: Can You ‘Ship It? Yes We Can.
Katie Cassidy – A Superhero In The Making
Who Is on Arrow’s Hit List?
Thank You For Arrow, Now Where is Wonder Woman?

Breaking Bad
Breaking Down The BREAKING BAD Survival Odds
Breaking Bad vs. Mad Men: The Breakdown
The Ballad of Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad Season 4 Rewind

5 Things That Make Castle Special
Castle Season 5: The Holidays Come to the 12th Precinct
‘Castle’ Season 5: What’s Going On and What’s Coming Up
‘Castle’ Season 5: It Happened Last Night

Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Theories About The Doctor’s New Companion, Clara
Doctor Who: Four Little Details That Keep Popping Up This Season
Doctor Who: Moffat’s Most Menacing Monsters

Elementary (CBS): The Woman and What Her Introduction Could Mean for the Series
Elementary: Is Holmes And Watson’s Friendship Off To A Good Start?
5 Reasons Why I Will Watch the Premiere of Elementary

How to Tell If You Are Turning Into An Observer
5 Delightfully Strange Things about Fringe’s Walter Bishop
5 Delightfully Strange Things about Fringe’s Walter Bishop
Fringe and the Difficulty of World-Building
Let’s Get Weird: The Evolution of Fringe

Grimm Season 2 Chat – Renard and Juliet? Whoa
5 Things I Love About Monroe on Grimm
Grimm Chat – How Do You Feel About Juliette?
Grimm – Let’s Talk Wesen

Homeland’s Dana Problem
Changing Course: Homeland’s Dilemma
Homeland Season 2: Fearless & Focused

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time Season 2: Who’s The Evilest Of Them All?
Once Upon A Time: 7 Key Questions For Season 2
Once Upon A Time Season 2: The Ballad of Neal and Emma

Revenge Season 2: What Would You Like To See Happen Next
Revenge Season 2: What’s Going On In the Hamptons?
‘Revenge’ Season 2: What Happens in the Hamptons, Stays in the Hamptons?

Revolution Season 1: The Road So Far
Revolution: The Pilot’s 5 Greatest Assets

Strike Back
Strike Back: When Keeping It Real Goes Right
What Makes a Strike Back Moment?
Strike Back 101: What You Should Know

Supernatural Chat: 5 Reasons I (Might) Love Benny
Supernatural Chat: SPN Proves it Isn’t Afraid of Taking Chances
Supernatural Chat – Injuries That Should Have Left Permanent Damage
Supernatural Chat: Dean and Cas in Purgatory – Who Let Go of Whom?
Supernatural Chat – Dean’s Back, Sam Wants a Normal Life, and Other Nonsense
Supernatural Chat: Let’s Talk About Dean’s Journey in Season 8
Supernatural Chat – It’s Almost Time For Season Eight!
Supernatural Chat: Season 8 Spoiler Scrapbook – Let’s Look at What We Know
Supernatural Chat – Kelly’s Top 5 Episodes
Supernatural Chat: Sam and Dean Play Dress-Up – What’s Your Favorite Winchester Costume?
Supernatural Chat: My Favorite Relationships
Supernatural Chat – Kelly’s Survival Guide To Hiatus
Supernatural Thursdays: A Discussion About The Dark Side of The SPN Fandom

The Walking Dead
Why The Walking Dead Bums Me Out
The Walking Dead Chat – Well, We Wanted More Action…
The Walking Dead: Big Moments To Remember For Season 3