Happy Endings Season 3 Review “More Like Stanksgiving”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 4 More Like Stanksgiving (4)

One of the first Thanksgiving-themed episodes to air this week, you’ll be pleased to hear that Happy Endings has produced a good ‘un, with an old series of Real World that sees a few too many group secrets unearthed over dinner.

As said so succinctly by Penny in this episode: “isn’t it funny that our group was formed in a series of Real World and we never, ever talk about it?” Reality has never played a huge role in the sitcom universe, but I adore how Happy Endings points these things out before carrying on with emulating them anyway. Yes, a 90s edition of the reality series was the original source of the group we now watch every week, and a fun little peak at Max’s coming out moment turns into a catalyst for the group’s underlying issues. While this is going on, Thanksgiving dinner gets a bit forgotten but, as Alex is doing the cooking this year instead of Jane, that’s probably a good thing.

Last week I prayed for the return of the seemingly forgotten Penny/Dave/Alex love triangle, and my wish was granted here. It seems that Penny has always had feelings for her friend, even when she was in her sham relationship with Max (“sooo hetero”) and her younger self reveals this attraction in front of present-day Alex. Unsure whether she’s unwittingly trying to sabotage her friends’ relationship or just being a really bad advice-giver, the issue is dealt with for the time being and buried deep before it inevitably rises again later in the season. There’s also the story of Brad and Jane’s first encounter, which was a little bit too Monica and Chandler for my taste.

But it’s not all relationship drama, as the sight of all the hilariously uncool friends as college-age people is truly something to behold. Dave has long hair, Penny has big hair, Jane has pink hair, Brad has dreads and Max… well Max looks exactly the same. The writers have really been focusing on Brad and Max’s friendship this season, and here we see how the pair actually met. My favorite part of the episode was actually the final post-credits scene in which they discover their similar temperaments over a pile of washing up neither wants to claim. Happy Endings may be one of the funniest sitcoms on television (especially with Community still on hiatus), but it’s the dynamic between the cast that makes it work.

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