Exclusive Interview: Newcomer E.J. Bonilla On ABC’s Revenge, His Relationship With Nolan & More

On an upcoming episode of Revenge, Nolan Ross is going to have a rude awakening when someone from his past, Marco Romero. TV Equals was able to speak with the actor tapped to play Marco, E.J. Bonilla, and we were able to learn more about the character and how he’ll shake up Nolan’s life. Bonilla makes his big debut on the show November 25. Revenge airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

How does it feel like to be on a show like Revenge?

E.J. Bonilla: Oh, it just feels good to be working again. Doing independent films are amazing, but they’re very low pay and are [far and] few between. So it’s just amazing to have a steady gig and to get to play more often than you would for a film set, you know?

I’ve been reading up on your character. It’s rumored that your character has had a past with Nolan. Do you know what that past is yet?

E.J. Bonilla: I do know what it is. How much I’m allowed to say is the problem. What I will say is that they know each other very well and they’re in some kind of relationship. Whether that’s romantic or not, I will not say.

Can you say how your character will complicate things on the show?

E.J. Bonilla: Well, Marco Romero–that’s the name of my character–is a boy from Nolan’s past and they’ve known each other…I guess you could say that Marco was part of that time in his life, you know? Before he was rich…he knows Nolan as Nolan. Sometimes the people from your past come back and it’s scary and it shakes things up a bit, you know? Even if that rumble is…the fact that they know the real you.

You were talking earlier about starring in indie films. What was working on the indie film Four like?

E.J. Bonilla: Four was amazing. Josh [Joshua Sanchez] was an intense, really nice guy. Chris [Christopher Shinn], the writer of the play that Josh adapted for the film [was a] really nice guy…It’s always great to have a film be all about you and your choices. I didn’t realize when I was filming it, but the film is shot incredibly close up. And so if you’re lying, if you’re not being honest…then the camera’s going to know. I was really, really happy with the end result of this film. It’s really close to my heart and it’s fun to be able to do a film that’s just four people, you know? It’s an adventure.

Which movie would you like to have had a role in and why?

E.J. Bonilla: …Maybe my favorite film of all time, for personal reasons and because it’s been there since I was three–do you remember Hook?

Yes, I do remember Hook (laughs)

E.J. Bonilla: Love, love Hook. Love, love, love Hook. I would have loved to been Peter in Hook, or in another revamp of Peter Pan, I’d love to be in a film like that. Or maybe in–I’m really into Cloud Atlas, and I’m fan of Ben Whishaw, and it’s been rumored that he’s the best actor of his generation and he’s about 10 years older than I am. But I consider him my competition to give myself a goal. Maybe I would have loved to have been in that film…

If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be and why?

E.J. Bonilla: I’m a huge fan of a lot of the ABC stuff, like Modern Family. I think it’s hilarious, I think it’s incredibly well-written, and I’d love to guest star on Modern Family. If we’re talking about completely hypothetical situations–I know there’s a show coming out called S.H.I.E.L.D., the new pilot that they’re working on for ABC that I would love to be on because it’s about The Avengers…[The S.H.I.E.L.D. universe is] filled with alien life and fantasy and weapons and I’d love to do things like that as well, so that’s a fantasy of mine at the moment. Hopefully when that show comes out, I can get a part on it.

(Photo credit: Brett Erickson)