Emily Owens MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Tell-Tale Heart” – Pangs of Guilt

Emily Owens, M.D. Episode 5 Emily and... the Tell Tale Heart
Guilt plagued our heroine in “Emily and the Tell-Tale Heart,” this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD, starting with her accidentally dinging a car in the hospital parking lot, leading her to put misguided faith in a drug addict then nearly break-up a family, and culminating with her reconsidering her decision to keep Will away from the evil clutches of Cassandra.

Poor Cassandra (note the sarcasm) just couldn’t figure out why Will wasn’t falling all over himself to be around her, so she made a few fake attempts to be nice to Emily to get her to find out why. She gets worse every week, I swear. And every week Emily has to be the better person when we really just want to see her toss the contents of a bedpan in Cassandra’s face. End result? Cassandra got exactly what she wanted (Will) and Emily got her car keyed in retaliation for the ding.

Life isn’t always that unfair.

But try telling that to poor Micah (no sarcasm here) after he found out that chemotherapy isn’t reducing his mother’s tumors. Afraid that she would give up fighting if given discouraging news, he faked some cheer that she saw straight through. Mama then turned to Emily and guilted her into telling her the truth. Micah lost his cool at Emily when he found out, but it was really just his fear making him lash out. He almost makes up for Cassandra. He just feels like a real person. Even if he doesn’t end up with Emily, it’s enough to just have him around.

Meanwhile, Emily also found herself in the middle of a fake triangle when Tyra’s fake boyfriend, a cute EMT, showed up at the hospital and showed some interest in Emily. To get the fake boyfriend not to spill the beans to her father, Tyra had to set him up with Emily. So of course Daddy caught the EMT cheating on his little girl, another strike in Emily’s book. I’m getting a teensy bit tired of Tyra’s closetedness. I understand her reasons for it, but her actions are starting to hurt everyone around her, in particular Emily, and she just doesn’t seem to care. For me, that’s a deal breaker.

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