Covert Affairs Season 3 Finale “Lady Stardust” – Annie, Auggie and Eyal Make a Great Team

Covert Affairs Season 3 Finale Lady Stardust

The season 3 finale of Covert Affairs, called “Lady Stardust,” exceeded all of my expectations within the first half of the episode, after that it was all icing on the cake.

With Eyal in trouble and Annie on her own to get him out, I knew that this finale would probably be full of nail-biting action. Annie and Eyal have proven that they can make for an exciting episode on their own, but when they threw Auggie into the mix too, my excitement levels went off the charts. I mean seriously, is it just me or do those three make an amazing team? I could watch them out in the field together over and over again; it was that much fun.

Turns out that my thoughts about Annie not being ready yet for another relationship turned out to be wrong, and I’m not sure I how I feel about that yet. On the one hand, things like Auggie asking Annie out and then of course that amazing kiss, had me clapping and cheering. On the other hand, I always have worries and doubts when main characters get together, so my fingers are crossed that this will work. Honestly I had the same thoughts about her and Eyal, too, so it has nothing to do with Auggie.

What this will mean for Annie and Eyal’s friendship is something I can’t help but to think about either. Not in a bad way though; more in a “OMG I can’t wait to see it” kind of way. Annie may have decided that her heart is with Auggie, but do we really know where Eyal’s heart is? This has the makings of a possibly fantastic love triangle, and I usually hate love triangles so that’s saying something.

I know the other big thing in this episode was of course Henry getting out of jail and the folder that he handed to Annie. So I guess I should talk about that a little bit, too. I have no idea what that file could mean, but I’m sure it’s going to be something that brings trouble to Annie. But the good news is that Annie has turned into a kickass agent and I’m sure she can handle whatever Henry Wilcox sends her way.

All I can say now is: is it next summer yet??

My favorite bits..

“It’s tricky. But everything worth doing in life is tricky.”

Annie talking it out with Auggie’s voicemail.

“You want to make an omelet, you gotta break a few skulls.”

Eyal figuring out exactly what type of situation Khalid was in right then.

“Sorry to surpirse you by sitting in the dark. Although for me it is basically just sitting.”

Annie asking Auggie why he kept asking if she had feelings for Eyal.

“This is a mistake, but at least we’ll make it together.”

Auggie comparing going into battle to blowing out a birthday candle, and telling Annie to concentrate on one thing she loves. I was so dying to know what (or who) she was thinking about right then.

The look on Eyal’s face when he recognized Auggie.

Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that Annie (fake) shooting Eyal was part of the plan, just not exactly how they pulled it off.

“For a sighted guy, you sure are slow.”
“Yeah? For a blind guy, sure are crazy.”

Auggie and Eyal both agreeing that neither of them would ever leave Annie.

“One of these days I’ll describe yourself to yourself. It’s a hell of a parlor game.”

Auggie telling Annie that his sergeant’s advice didn’t work because the person he was worried about and the positive thing he was thinking about were the same.

Annie managing to get herself off the barge, without getting wet. Brilliant to hop off when a bridge was above.

Annie making her way into Khalid’s house like a freaking boss.

“When I tell you who did it, you’re going to realize how insignificant you are.”

“Why do I always feel like there’s always something behind what you’re telling me?”

“The last time a guy asked me to run away with him, it didn’t end that well.”

Eyal promising that he and Annie one day would be sitting and watching a sunset thinking of nothing at all.

Eyal choosing to say “thank you” instead of “good-bye” to Annie.

Eyal pulling off his disappearing act, again.

OMG. Wait. Just wait one freaking second. Did Auggie just do what I think he just did?? Holy cow!

The ceremony to put a star for Jai on the wall.

“Just assume I know everything.”

The way Auggie chose to answer Annie’s “What do you want to talk about?” If that didn’t tell her, I don’t know what will.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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