Vegas Season 1 Review “Bad Seeds”

Seriously, all Vegas needs is some spaghetti western music and a face-off in the middle of Main St. This show really is getting better every week, and it looks like there are some more twists and turns in store.

A few thoughts about “Bad Seeds”:

The case of the week was kind of different. Vince was the case…sort of. The geniuses that Vince told to get rid of the Milwaukee competition a few weeks ago buried him in a farmer’s field. The farmer and his son discovered the bodies while they were plowing up their land. Of course it didn’t take long for word to get back to Milwaukee that their guys were dead, so they sent Pale Creepy Assassin Guy to take out Vince and his boys. Unfortunately, an innocent senior citizen happened to come out of the grocery store right after Pale Creepy Assassin Guy killed one of Vince’s guys, and Pale Creepy Assassin Guy killed her too. Ralph was none too happy about innocent people getting caught up in a mob war and he went to Vince to find out who was doing the hits. Vince, naturally, didn’t share the information so Ralph had his deputies set up shop at The Savoy to “protect the patrons.” Some of Ralph’s deputies seem to have bricks for brains though. One of them let Pale Creepy Assassin Guy get past him at The Savoy but before he got to Vince, a more on the ball deputy stopped him and he shot the deputy instead. After the failed attempt on Vince, Ralph took Vince into protective custody.

Ralph taking Vince into custody treated us to another interesting Ralph/Vince conversation. These guys really are like two boxers dancing around the ring sizing each other up. Vince is still trying to figure out what he can use to get to Ralph, so he spent the time fishing for information. Vince noticed that it didn’t look like Ralph had any female company, and we learned why. While Ralph was away at war, his wife died in a car accident. Vince deduced that Ralph blames himself for not being there when she died because he had requested to stay with his unit even though he was old enough to get an honorable discharge. Vince’s opinion got him a solid punch in the face from Ralph. Ralph also listened while Vince talked to Laura. Vince was genuinely concerned about her safety and told her to get out of town until she heard from him. In that moment Vince wasn’t a mobster. He was just a husband and a father trying to protect his family. It was interesting to see this dynamic forming between the two because it seems that maybe they understand the other better now. I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing in the long run though. If you know your enemy, it’s much easier to bring him down. But I think that’s going to be somewhere far down the road. In the here and now, Ralph and Vince ended up working together to bring down Pale Creepy Assassin Guy when he and a couple other guys showed up at Ralph’s ranch. Just as an aside, Ralph needs to hire deputies that aren’t idiots. Pale Creepy Assassin Guy found Vince because that deputy was talking too much.

I don’t usually feel sorry for guys like Vince because I think they should have to live with the consequences of their choices just like the rest of us. But I had a small (very small) bit of sympathy for Vince in this episode. He had extreme forces on both ends of the spectrum pulling at him, and he was desperately trying to find solid middle ground. On the one hand, he had his right hand man itching to go to war with Milwaukee. On the other hand he had his boss willing to give The Tumbleweed over to Milwaukee which basically amounted to rolling over for them. Vince is a forward thinker, more of a visionary than either his right hand man or his boss will ever be. He can see what Las Vegas is going to become while they can only see what is and what was. In addition to all of that (and unbeknownst to Vince) Johnny Rizzo was whispering in the boss’s ear that they should let Milwaukee take Vince out. As it turns out, Chicago had no intention of giving The Tumbleweed back to Milwaukee. Johnny was just testing Angelo. Unfortunately for Angelo, he didn’t study for this particular exam and he failed. After Johnny deprived us of Angelo’s company, Johnny revealed that Chicago has now put him in charge. This is not good news for Vince. Johnny is not a thinker; he’s an enforcer. I don’t think that’s changed since the first time we saw him. Now he’s just got more power, which makes him more dangerous than he was before.

All in all, this was a solid episode. There’s a new mayor in town, and I’m interested to see whether this is going to play out the way Vince thinks it will. I think Vince probably just bought himself another headache, but we’ll have to wait and see. I am also really liking the way the women have been written so far. They aren’t just ornamental. Katherine and Laura are essential to the lives of Ralph and Vince respectively, whether the boys will admit it or not. Both Katherine and Laura are shaping up to be smart, resourceful, brave women; even if they do find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Fingers crossed they continue to do a good job of developing and layering these characters. I’m hoping they take up an even more active role in the overall story. So what did you think of this week’s Vegas? Sound off in the comments.