Revolution Season 1 Review “Kashmir” — Tunnels, Traps and Traitors

This week on Revolution, the gang teamed up with rebel members before attempting to sneak into Philadelphia through underground tunnels. During their trek, the rebel members proved to be more interesting than the gang (quelle surprise), Charlie was a liability to the people around her yet again, and there was a minute of excitement when the traitor was revealed…right before he was killed by crossbow-wielding Charlie.

I won’t lie, dear reader, I almost lost the will to live partway through Aaron hallucinating and seeing his wife instead of Nora. The only thing worse was, well, everything: Charlie’s over the top unconscious vision of her father, Nora thinking an alligator was trying to bite off her leg (which was actually pretty good, but I got my hopes up that she would die and she didn’t, so I’m disappointed now), Miles seeing Monroe and revealing that he would join the Militia again if asked (this whole episode was a way to deal with that issue, one we neither knew nor cared existed before now, gratuitously soundtracked by Led Zep — thank you, Kripke).

The whole premise of the episode was a bit flawed though. (I say a bit because I’m feeling generous.) Let’s start with Miles, who apparently knew everything about Monroe’s schedule, the women he sleeps with, the food he eats, even where the traps were in the tunnels. How long ago did Miles leave the Militia? So far it’s sounded like a few years, and from comments in this episode it’s been more than a year, at the very least; how did Miles not consider that things might have changed? What if Monroe uses another office, sleeps with other women, has changed his tastes in food, or had new traps created?

Oh, wait, we have proof of that last one. Charlie stepped on a landmine — yeah, let’s not ponder why Charlie was walking up front — and almost blew everyone up. Nora disabled the device long enough for them to get away, but not before their utter stupidity was revealed. While it’s noble that Miles and Nora wanted to stay with her while she stepped off the mine and ran like hell, it might have made more sense for one of them (preferably Miles) to leave instead of risking his life pointlessly. I mean if they all died, who would save Danny and/or kill Monroe? Answers on a postcard, folks.

The whole hallucination issue looked to be surprisingly entertaining for a moment there, but I needn’t have worried that Revolution was going to improve drastically and without warning. See, I was wondering whether the Militia were using some sort of drug as a way of controlling who got through the tunnels. Secretly drugging anyone who passed through without approval would be an easy way of dispensing with your enemies. Alas, the answer was low oxygen caused by Charlie-the-liability caving in the tunnel and cutting off the air supply.

I’m no doctor, but I’m fairly sure that hallucinations wouldn’t be the first sign that the gang were suffering the effects of oxygen deprivation. They seemed pretty hale and hearty otherwise – walking, talking and breathing without issue. And there was not even a shadow or spark of light marring their vision before the full blown hallucinations started. Shall we even mention that the space they were travelling in was a decent size and presumably held enough oxygen-rich air for such a small group to breath comfortably for a while, unless there was some sort of gaseous build up occurring?

My favourite Stupid Thing of the Week had to be Charlie getting shot. The way she fell, it looked like she’d taken the bullet in the shoulder. Instead, it grazed her head. Not even the side of her head, which would have made sense, but a line across her forehead. Either the bullet curved or she turned just as the bullet came past her. I don’t buy that Charlie has ridiculously speedy reflexes though — she barely has average reflexes most of the time.

The only really good things this week were the deep cover Militia dude (who was killed far too soon) and Rachel. She told everyone she was building a device to amplify the range of the pendant from 10ft to half a mile. (These pendants are apparently like ‘wireless batteries’. This doesn’t explain why it’s still impossible for people to generate any electrical energy whatsoever, but whatever, man. Who needs answers?) Neville had suspicions though and voiced them to Monroe, who then brought in Dr Jaffey — Rachel’s ex-colleague who we met last week — to take a look at the device. Jaffey said it was a bomb, and Monroe was ready to dispense with Rachel (and Danny, who was absent again this week) and get Jaffey to make him an amplifier instead.

But then Rachel found her inner badass, killed Jaffey and told Monroe that he had no choice but to use her. This would be worth cheering, except Monroe now has a partially completed bomb and a way to power it. Which seems a bit counterproductive since the aim was to stop him before he could ever use energy to power weapons, but does anyone even care anymore?

TL;DR: Charlie’s still alive, no logic is needed in this show, the gang still hasn’t found Danny, and I think I’m now actively rooting for the bad guys because they are the only interesting characters. Fantastic.

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