Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Candy Wars”

Raising Hope returned tonight with a hilarious send up of gangster movies and TV shows with “Candy Wars”. I wasn’t sure at first if Raising Hope could really pull off a “spoof” episode, but they really proved me wrong! They were bringing it tonight!

When Jimmy, Burt and Virginia have an opportunity to sell candies to the folks in Natesville in order to get Hope the coveted spot as the little pilgrim, this causes Jimmy to reminisce about the time that he won the title of little pilgrim back in 1993. At first I was a little annoyed that Burt and Virginia had yet another dark secret from Jimmy’s past that they’ve been keeping hidden all these years, as this seems to happen just about every week now, but they really didn’t dwell on that much at all. Instead, Maw Maw and the rest of the Chances get right to cooking up a batch of their highly addictive candy bars in order to rig the contest and win, and in doing so they attempted to spoof just about every major gangster or drug related movie or TV show ever.

Raising Hope had just about everybody in their crosshares tonight! Goodfellas, Godfather, Scarface, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Boyz in the Hood, and I could go on! I’m sure you noticed a few of your own, and just about all of them were hilarious. Raising Hope isn’t the kind of comedy that does all out spoof episodes. You’ll usually see episodes like that on Community, and they’ve already done their own send-up of Goodfellas with season one’s “Contemporary American Poultry”.

While I definitely loved all of the hilarious spoofs in tonight’s installment, I also quite enjoyed Maw Maw’s involvement. Maw Maw has been absent from the last two episodes, so it was good to have her back. We also saw the return of Gary Anthony Williams of Malcolm in the Middle fame as Dave Davison, the news reporter covering the Radish Harvest Festival. It’s great little minor characters like him that make Natesville such a hilarious little town.

The funniest part of the episode for me, like always is Burt. Burt’s little moments are always the funniest, like shoving his hand in Jimmy’s mouth and his tiny little scream at the end of his bigger screams upon finding the disembodied stuffed horse head. If Garrett Dillahunt doesn’t get at least an Emmy nomination for Supporting Actor in a Comedy, I will not be pleased!

Overall this was a stellar installment of Raising Hope, and I hope we get more of these as the season progresses!

Random Thoughts:

– Somebody in our office was literally just selling candy bars for their kids today. What a coincidence!

– Being a huge fan of Breaking Bad, I loved just about every nod to the show tonight, but my favorite was the point-of-view camera angle when Sabrina was pouring the chocolate chunks into the pot. That’s a classic Breaking Bad camera angle, and I loved that they used that here.

– I loved seeing the flashback to season one’s episode “Burt Rocks” when we were seeing the instances of Barney and Virginia saying “You Cheated” “Prove it”.