NCIS Season 10 Review “Shell Shock (Part 2)” – Family Always Helps Family

NCIS Season 10 Episode 7 "Shell Shock (Part 2)"

In part 2 of NCIS “Shell Shock,” Gibbs continues to do whatever he can to help Westcott through his problems, while Ziva opens up about a very tough memory.

For a while now, this show has been known to pull out all the stops when it comes to holiday episodes. They may not do it every year or for every holiday, but over 10 seasons we’ve had some fantastic episodes to celebrate everything from Christmas to Thanksgiving, and even Halloween.

Tonight’s episode was no different. I felt like the way Gibbs was treating Westcott was very much in the spirit of this whole time of year. Thanksgiving is about family and being thankful for what you have and I think that Gibbs was treating Westcott like he was another one of his “kids.” Everything that Gibbs did for the troubled captain; I know it was something he would have done for any of the other people that he cares about on his team. It was very sweet to see him take someone else under his wing and I enjoyed all of the interactions the two of them had.

I also enjoyed the secondary story about Ziva and the opera. I did start to think for a while there that she was dating someone and I was curious who it was. But to have it be all about the anniversary of her sister’s death was an interesting, and incredibly sad, surprise. I’m not going to lie: when she was sitting alone at the end listening to the music, I definitely started tearing up.

In fact, my only disappointment with this episode was that we didn’t get to see the team sit down to Thanksgiving dinner together. Yes, I realize it wasn’t necessarily needed, but they had been building it up throughout the episode and I wanted to see it. Gibbs invited everyone over willingly, which means that it was going to be even better than their previous get-togethers. Maybe the writers thought that they couldn’t do it better than all of us fans could imagine, but dangit, I still wanted to see them try.

My favorite bits..

Kersey was in Arghanda and now Gibbs needs Westcott’s help to find him.

Gibbs and the brother having to tackle Westcott.

Really wanting to know what would be in a caffeinated green bean casserole.

“Hey, Lady Labcoat. My brother just turned this thing on.”

The Westcott brothers fighting over who turned on Abby’s machine.

Abby using Westcott’s guidance to fill in all the stuff that was in the room.

Not blaming Westcott one bit for turning off the VR as soon as the shooting started.

“What about us?”
“Figure out where to look for a guy who knows we’re looking for him.”

Gibbs actually admitting to Ducky that he was angry.

“It’s different because you’re okay.”

McGee trying to ask Ziva about the opera and doing it very badly.

That brown leather jacket on Tony.

Gibbs asking the doc how he could help Westcott more.

“You’re hilarious.”
“Yeah, I know. Get in the car.”

“Try to find a way to love the brother you got.”

“You are a badass, Agent Gibbs.” – Ha! You have no idea, dude.

Gibbs guiding Westcott to remembering what happened in the convenience store.

“That’s good work. You badass.”

Tony referring to the kid in the car as “Superbad.”

Ziva trying to convince Gibbs to send McGee with Tony instead on a “boys only” stakeout.

Yes! Another “Ziver.” Always love those.

“Hey, cut the guy some slack, will ya? It’s the opera. One of the big three.” – LOVED that so much. Such a “dad” thing to do.

“The only way to beat this is to keep on fighting. And it wouldn’t hurt to let the rest of us have a few wacks at it from time to time.”

“Shut up! I’m sick of you sitting in this car being nice to me.”
“My deepest apologies.”

“If I can’t be nice I might as well be loud.”

“So, he’s a hilarious veterinarian who likes the opera.”

Ziva talking about her sister and what it was like to have the love of a sibling.

Tony putting his hand on Ziva’s shoulder, but was it to comfort Ziva or to just to tell her that Blue Hair had shown up?

“Lay off the double negatives, they confuse her.”

Tony aiming his gun at Kersey over the restaurant booth.

Westcott yelling at Kersey to look at his men, at the same time that Westcott was doing the same thing behind the glass.

Wecott realizing that Kersey’s girlfriend was part of everything.

“I hate her. No matter how good she looks in those shorts.”

“Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs!”
“Gibbs trifecta. Nice.”

Westcott finally remembering that he didn’t run away after all.

“You didn’t run, fogive yourself for the rest.”

Tony making me picture McGee in a cape playing video games.

My eyes tearing up when Tony started playing the music for Ziva.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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