How the &%$# is Abu Nazir in America!?

Well, if you watched Homeland last Sunday (or read my review!), you may have noticed that Abu Nazir had made his way to Virginia. I believe that Brody’s reaction to his arrival (another spectacular job by Damian Lewis) mirrored that of the audience: How are you here?

Seriously, how did Nazir workshop his trip to the United States? He’s the most wanted man in the entire world. Conceivably everyone knows his face by this point, so I doubt just a fresh shave would throw everyone off the scent. Therefore, we all have to imagine a scenario where he and his minions gathered in a dark room and plotted various ways for him to get across the seas so he could glower at his former protege and enunciate his name very clearly. I don’t even want Homeland to even try to explain. It would probably confuse and frighten me all at the same time.

Of all the things that Homeland has asked to swallow this season, this move may be the most difficult. How can someone not be interviewing TSA or Ports Authority people to ensure that this could never, ever happen? Regardless of how absurd it may seem on its face, the arrival of Nazir coincides wonderfully with the final third of the season. I’m guessing he didn’t come to America to look at the Washington Monument.

Homeland airs Sundays at 10 PM on Showtime.