Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Ohuna” – Dangers for Kono and Another Reunion for the McGarretts

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 7 Ohuna

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Ohuna” (Hawaiian for “The Secret”), the team goes after the murderers of a young boy, Kono’s life is put on the line, and Doris seeks a reunion with her other child.

This was another one of those episodes of this show where a lot happened, so there’s a lot to talk about. First up, there was the case the team was working, which I found pretty intriguing and also a little shocking at some points. When they found Zack’s body in the van, I almost couldn’t believe it for a second. I know he’d been in juvenile detention, but you could tell that he was basically a nice kid and it was awful to think that he was tortured like that.

The case also gave us some great stuff with Kono, the little brother and even Chin. Kono being the one to talk to James was really sweet and I liked that she (with James’ help) figured out Zack’s password. That of course got her into trouble though, and I found nearly ever scene after she and the rest of the family was made hostage very tense. I also felt for Chin during that whole thing. It was obvious that he blamed himself for her predicament and I can’t imagine that it was easy on him, especially after losing his wife so recently.

Finally there was the story of Mary and Doris. I liked that Mary didn’t immediately fall into her mother’s arms, forgiving the entire past with one hug. I admired her for stepping back to think about things and come to terms with what Doris had done to not only herself, but her entire family as well. That being said, I loved their reunion at the end. I felt like we needed to see Mary’s journey to that point and I thought it was beautifully done.

My favorite bits…

“Mary, please tell me you did not marry him.”

“How about this, you touch my sister like that again and I’ll break your hand.” – I believe him, too.

Morty taking out his hearing aid so that Mary and Steve could have a private conversation.

Steve ordering his mom to stand down.

Max walking without his cane. Yay Max!

“That’s nice, I just got a vision of you wearing biker shorts. Thank you.”
“My pleasure.” – And now *I* have the same vision, so thank YOU Danny.

“What could a 17-year old know that warrants being tortured to death?”
“That would be your jurisdiction, detective.”
“That’s why I asked him.”

Seriously? Danny doesn’t know Cap’n Crunch? He must’ve had a terrible childhood.

“This is against my philosophy, ‘stay alive.'”

“Toast, live long and perspire.”

Toast chastising Steve and Danny for not having a Plan B. I’m with him, you totally gotta have a Plan B.

Toast running out of the warehouse like a scared little girl. Though, it did help the guys find a Plan B: go in with guns blazing.

Chin and Kono jumping in through the windows and surprising the crap out of Kong. Nice!

Doris following Mary to the cemetery and crying in the car as she heard everything her daughter said at the gravesite.

Morty telling Mary to “mush.”

Kono figuring out Zack’s password with James’ help.

Chin knowing right away that something was wrong when Kono’s call dropped out.

The kidnappers putting all of the people in the windows as protection. It was brilliant and also very creepy and scary.

The team outside reacting to watching Kono getting knocked around inside the house.

Steve sliding out from under the truck. Nope, not the least bit surprised by that maneuver at all.

I know it means absolutely nothing, but I did love how Danny called Steve “babe” when counting down to the explosion of the door on the radio.

Kono flying out of the back of that truck and still managing to get up and kick some bad guy ass. Awesome.

Monty telling Mary to go see her mother.

“I’d give everything I own for a second chance.”

The reunion between Mary and Doris……while Steve looked on with a smile.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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