Castle Season 5 Review “After Hours” – Lost in Some Part of New York

Castle Season 5 Episode 8 After Hours (2)
Isn’t there an old police adage that the first on the scene is the first suspect? Had Castle and Beckett remembered that saying, the events of “After Hours,” this week’s episode of Castle, might have been avoided.

After a terrible dinner with their parents in which both Beckett’s father and Castle’s mother managed to insult each other, our favorite couple got called in on the murder of a priest with mob ties. There was a witness to the crime, but when they went to question him, they found that the mob was already at his door. In the ensuing scuffle, they lost their weapons, badges and phones, and had to go on the run to protect the witness that they thought the mob boys were trying to eliminate.

New York at two a.m. is apparently a dead zone. Every way they tried to contact the station or even civilization itself, they were completely thwarted. It was amusing, but I had the vague feeling that they really shouldn’t have been trusting their witness, even if he did give Beckett some good advice about her relationship with Castle.

Back at the station, the rest of the gang knew something was up and kept trying to solve the crime while locating Castle and Beckett. As it turned out, the mob boss didn’t kill the priest; the priest was trying to convince him to turn evidence against another crime family. That second family sent someone to kill the priest, knowing that his friend the mob boss would go after the so-called witness and thus come out of hiding.

Yeah, I realize that was kind of complex. The episode was mostly about Beckett needing reassurance, yet again, that she and Castle belong together. After they got separated and Castle ended up with the mob boss and Beckett thought that the “witness” shot him to pieces, she was all too willing to throw her arms around Castle’s neck and hold on tight. Which is exactly how I like them to be.

Also, I want to thank the writers for not having their parents hook up, which is exactly what I feared throughout the episode. Nearly losing their children did bring them closer and helped smooth over their ruffled feathers, but we didn’t need anything beyond that and the writers must have realized this. Good job. Don’t make it anymore difficult for our favorite couple.

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