Arrow: Can You ‘Ship It? Yes We Can.

Arrow‘s Oliver Queen only has one thing on his mind: taking out the bad guys. Occasionally a non-vigilante-hero thought will sneak into his head, but he usually gets back to the business of kicking butt before those drifting thoughts get too far.

Even if relationships are a distant second thought in Oliver’s mind, relationships are on the forefront of many fans of The CW’s superhero hit, Arrow. You’ve got so many drop dead gorgeous people on one show that it’s almost distracting sometimes. I’m not normally a “shipper” but even I have been caught off guard thinking “I’d totally ‘ship that.”

So who have fans been shipping on Arrow this season?

Oliver x Laurel

Clearly, this is the most obvious ship on Arrow. They’ve got a messy history and they both are still trying to work out their feelings. It might take a while for Ollie and Laurel to get to a place where they can try a relationship again, but it seems like an almost inevitable end for these two.

Tommy x Laurel

Tommy seems like he’s destined for a broken heart, but with a character like this, you just want him to find his happy ending. Things were going pretty good for him and Laurel before Ollie returned from the grave. If he thinks he’ll be happiest with Laurel, then fans want him to find his happiness with Laurel.

Thea x Tommy

We recently found out that Thea has had a schoolgirl crush on her older brother’s best friend, Tommy. There’s a significant age difference between Tommy and her, but when she turns 18 in a couple years, maybe that won’t matter as much. She knows Tommy better than most people do, he just has to see her as more than his best friend’s little sister.

Ollie x Dig

I dare you to take two attractive men with great onscreen chemistry and then try to tell the internet that there isn’t an opening for a romance there. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. The moment Dig used a witty comeback to one of Ollie’s many snarky comments, they were destined to be shipped. We may never see a romance onscreen, but these two will spawn plenty of fanfic to keep the Ollie x Dig shippers entertained off-screen.

Dig x Felicity Smoak

These two characters have continued to grow as fan favorites, so after Dig and Felicity shared their first scene together, it was no surprise that fans started to ship it. They both deal with the Queen family’s unusual demands, and they both seem to have a dry sense of humor. Besides, didn’t you just sense the teensy-tiniest flicker of a spark between the two when they shared some internet humor at Ollie’s expense?

The Baddies x ????

For some fans, there’s something irresistible about a villain. With the baddies that have been appearing on Arrow recently it seems like they’re daring us to figure out a way to ship these antagonists. It’s as if the casting director for Arrow went on Tumblr and looked at all the fandoms and said “who else can we cast to make all the fangirls and fanboys squee?” Then they called up John Barrowman, and Kelly Hu, and Kyle Schmid, and Tahmoh Penikett, and Seth Gabel and asked them to come on the show and then looked at the fans and said “can you ship this?” and the fans said “oh, yes we can.”


Undoubtedly, some shippers will have their OTP‘s destroyed by the end of Arrow’s run, while others may rejoice in a happily ever after. Some of the chemistry and relationships between these pairings will change and fizzle as the story continues, but that won’t stop new ships from coming up in their place. After all, love does make the world go round.

Do you ‘ship any of the characters on Arrow? Or maybe you’d prefer that all that romance stuff go out the window? Let me know in the comments below!