2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the 3 Boys with Wood”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 7 And The Three Boys With Wood (6)

Another pretty solid episode of “2 Broke Girls” tonight, with “And the 3 Boys with Wood,” which mostly revolved around two teens visiting the girls’ neck of the woods for Rumspringa, aka “Amish Gone Wild.” (The third boy would be last week’s new addition Candy Andy- emphasis on the “would be.”) At first, Max hilariously thought they were a “new Hipster strain: Ironic Amish,” but they turned out to be the real deal, so she had the bright idea to put them to work building- what else? – A barn for Chestnut, their pet horse. (About time: just sayin’…what did the poor thing do during Hurricane Sandy, for God’s sake? Just looking out for ya, Chestnut.)

Meanwhile, Caroline was having issues with her boyfriend, who found out from Max who she used to be and panicked, resulting in Caroline getting no action whatsoever, much to her chagrin. Cue the leftover candy-themed jokes not used in the last episode:
Max: Must have been a pretty hot date with the candy man. So, did you touch his Whatchamacallit? Did you bring him to Almond Joy?
Caroline: His Butterfingers got nowhere near my Mounds.
Max: Well, your Mounds are more like Sno-Caps, but continue…
Caroline: He might be into me, but he doesn’t seem to want to get into me…

Caroline resorts to desperate measures, dressing as skanky as a girl like her can muster up.
Max: Slut, party of one!
Caroline: I’m taking him to that bar where only cheap girls go to get laid. You know, the one you like?
Max: Oh, the Just Slip It Inn?

There, Caroline gets her freak dance on to get Candy Andy’s attention, nearly giving one of the Amish guys a boner coronary in the process, and literally sending the poor guy to the hospital. Or, as Caroline put it earlier, when she showed the boys her slut-terrific outfit while they were building Chestnut’s barn: I’m not saying I’m that hot, but I’ve never seen anyone drop wood and get wood at the same time!
Guess she was that hot! Andy certainly seemed to think so and the two doubled-down on the hot and heavy, much to Caroline’s relief.

While not quite as funny as last week, there was still plenty to enjoy here, with the great lines coming fast & furious as usual. As ever, the best were the most gasp-inducing. I’m no prude, but I certainly hope people don’t watch this with their families! Here are some of my faves not mentioned:

Caroline, enjoying the fall foliage: I love the leaves! Oh gross, a condom!
Max: Wow, I guess autumn really is coming!

Caroline, on dating on a budget: I’ve never dated poor…what is acceptable on a first date?
Max: Well, I’m pretty classy, so…anal?
(Um, wow! An anal joke in prime time? Holy crap! Also, book date with Kat Dennings, stat…)

Max, acting like Caroline’s parent to Andy: What exactly are your intentions?
Andy: I don’t know…maybe take her on a hay ride, knock her out with chloroform and steal her kidney for an iPad?
Max, outstretching her arms for a hug: Son! Come on outside…Caroline wants you to see her looking like the girl who got cut from the J. Crew catalog for being too white.

Han: I once had a homosexual experience in college…
Max: With another girl?

Max, to the Amish guys: Look, I’m telling you what I told Mumford & Sons: get out!

Later on, the boys, to a puzzled-looking Andy: We’re Amish.
Andy: Awesome band name!

Caroline, at the aforementioned club: That’s not so much a dance floor as an STD mosh pit.

Lastly, loved Max’s surprisingly touching words to live by to one of the Amish guys: There’s really no point to anything, but sometimes you get to eat candy or have sex and that’s when it all feels right. (I also loved her justification for giving one of the underage boys a beer: “Why? Isn’t that what love is?”)

Some of the Amish humor was cute, too; including Max’s breasts being called “nursers” (!), beer being referred to as “The Devil’s Saliva” and jalapeños as “The Devil’s Garnish.” Funny stuff all around, if aimed at easy targets. Glad they decided to keep Andy around, even if he took more of a back seat this week to the Amish- not that I can blame the writers for having fun with that. Jennifer Coolidge also seemed to be having a ball, even though, as ever, they can’t seem to give her solid laugh lines to save her life. That she manages to be funny anyway is a testament to how inherently comedic she is in the first place. That actress can wring a laugh from a stone, I tells ya.

Good episode of “2 Broke Girls” overall. Your move, “Whitney”! (Cummings writes for both this show and her own, FYI.) What did you think? Glad they kept Candy Andy around? Get a kick out of all the Amish jokes? Can you believe they get away with some of this stuff? Let me know in the comments!