The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Here Comes the Judge”

The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 8 Here Comes the Judge (7)

This episode of The Good Wife was ok. It didn’t thrill me, but it was alright. I’m kind of liking Amanda Peet and I think it’ll be fun to watch her and Will go head to head a few times.

A few thoughts about “Here Comes the Judge”:

The case of the week was kind of different. Will and Co. were defending a woman accused of having her lover murder her husband. Will bumped into the judge in a bar having a few drinks. The judge made biased statements about Will and his client; basically calling Will a liar and a thief and saying that his client was guilty. Will naturally took offense and made a motion for the judge to recues himself. The judge refused, so Will and Co. filed a motion to have another judge determine whether judge 1 was actually biased. So essentially, we were watching a trial within a trial. The judge decided to testify during the trial and lied on the stand. He said he’d never said any of the things he said to Will. As it turns out, the judge wasn’t actually lying. He was an alcoholic and was most likely suffering a blackout when he said those things to Will, so he truly did not recall saying them. I think Will was justified in asking the judge to remove himself because, initially, Will had no idea that the judge was an alcoholic. The only thing Will could go on was what the judge said. But it doesn’t negate the fact that they pulled out and aired all of the judge’s dirty laundry in an effort to prove their case. What is legally the right thing to do isn’t necessarily morally the right thing to do.

We were unfortunately subjected to more of Kalinda’s creepy husband. Nick showed up in the office for a meeting with Carey, but got a bee in his bonnet when he saw Carey and Kalinda sharing a laugh in the next office. When Carey came in for their meeting, Nick sneered and leered and tried to be scary, but he was more creepy than scary. I am really hoping that they will wrap up this storyline soon because it’s not really adding anything to the overall story. As a matter of fact, it slows the pace of the entire episode down whenever they stick the Nick/Kalinda stuff in. It also makes me very uncomfortable to watch an abusive relationship unfold. Nick is trying to isolate Kalinda from everyone else; he’s checking her phone; he’s ransacking her girlfriend’s apartment. He decided to beat the crap out of Carey (or more likely pay someone else to do it so he could deny it later) because he thought that Carey and Kalinda were dating, or, I don’t know, having a friendly conversation at work. I just really want them to go ahead and wrap this storyline up.

We also saw a little slice of life for the Florick kids. The episode opened with Grace finding out that one of her classmates, incidentally also named Grace, committed suicide. Grace Florick decided to befriend her classmate’s ex-boyfriend, for what reason I’m not quite sure. At first, I thought maybe it was because she felt sorry for him. She thought that maybe he was blaming himself for his ex-girlfriend’s death, but by the end I wasn’t so sure. Maybe she initially went to talk to him because she felt sorry for him, but then she started liking him. I’m not sure. But whatever the reason, he doesn’t look like a good guy for her. Zack had a bit of a secret life of his own going on here too. He’s been secretly helping his father’s campaign down in the IT department. After Eli found out about it, he told Zack he should ask Alicia about it, but in true Eli form, he told Zack to lie. I really like that Zack didn’t. He was upfront with Alicia. He knew that he and Grace were a part of the campaign whether they wanted to be or not, and he just wanted to make a difference for his dad. I’m glad he didn’t take Eli’s advice. That was a surefire way to make sure that he didn’t get to work on the campaign.

All in all, not bad. Not great. But not bad either. What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Let me know in the comments.