Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Thanksgiving Is Cancelled”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 7 Thanksgiving Is Cancelled (7)

Thanksgiving may have been cancelled for Mike & Molly this year but a wedding for Joyce and Vince made for one entertaining episode. Sneaking in a celebration of a different kind, this week’s 30 minute installment “Thanksgiving Is Cancelled” highlighted the hectic holidays most families go through when they attempt to put their best foot forward for relatives they only see around the holidays.

Watching Vince try to organize a normal Thanksgiving without a turkey for the arrival of his brother Francis was hilarious. With a box of red wine and game hens to feed an army, he tried his hardest to pull it together after the girls cancelled the holiday dinner, all while fighting with Joyce over failing to set a wedding date. Usually Vince comes off as a big lump, as referenced by Molly who ends up feeling sympathetic. But this time around you actually feel for the man, especially when he’s forced to crawl into bed with Mike who is deathly ill and carrying on about bendy straws and chicken and stars. The dialogue between the two was hysterical.

The writers behind Mike & Molly also brought the funniest of the night with the storyline involving Carl and Samuel. With no where to go for the holidays, the two dream up a plan to find single ladies at the church’s Thanksgiving Day potluck. With talk of UNICEF donations, dirty cooks and cheese cubes laced with beano, the duo end up dancing in the arms of seniors before the night is out which made for one of the best scenes of the episode. Are you still wondering if they made their way to assisted living for football and dessert?

Saving the best for last, the episode came to an end with a sweet moment shared between Joyce and Vince as they tied the knot at city hall. After hitting on Vince’s brother in the beginning of the episode, it was good to see Joyce back to her abrasive self once again after her new brother in-law makes a pass at her.

It looks like it was a holiday miracle after all!