Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Ring” & “The Sister-in-Law”

The most uneventful sitcom on television, Him & Her, is back for a third season, as we pick up with 20-something couple Becks and Steve at a very exciting time. This week’s double bill introduces us to Steve’s quest for the series – planning a proposal for Becks before she finds the ring hidden in the flat.

Last series, the couple’s friendship group imploded in a mass of dysfunction, and it seems nothing much has changed since then. While Steve and Becks are in a really good place, Laura is lauding her sneaky pregnancy over the rest of them, including Paul, and Dan has gotten what he always wanted out of Shelly. A complete bridezilla, Laura isn’t best pleased when she discovers Steve’s plans for him and his sister, and it looks as though he’ll have to win her over before he does anything.

Like every episode, the action never leaves the confines of the flat, and we’re in familiar, grubby, territory here. With the show so often reveling in the grimy, mundane nature of modern romance, it’s lovely to see our central couple so happy and loved-up, and an impending proposal is an intriguing way to spend the series. The comedy is also as sharp and perceptive as ever, with Laura’s inappropriate behavior acting as the source of most of the humor. In the second episode, Paul brings his posh half-brother over, and I sincerely hope he comes back for future episodes.

Him & Her has been criticized in the past for its lazy and un-ambitious characters, and it may indeed be a series that belong in a different time, but it’s a reality that can’t be seen anywhere else on television. Now that there’s a little more romance in the show it’s that much more pleasant to watch, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Steve eventually pops the question.

What did you think of the episode? Would you like to see Steve and Becks get hitched? Let us know in the comments.