Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “Where the Vile Things Are” – The B is Back

It’s amazing how much more I like Dan when he’s not being a total d-bag and when he’s hooking up with Serena, which is exactly what he did in “Where the Vile Things Are,” this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. Don’t they look so much better together than he and Blair ever did? Can’t we all agree on that?

After their post-cotillion junk food fest, Serena invited Dan to stay at Casa de Van der Woodsen, a good thing since his welcome at Chez Waldorf would have been over the second his article about Blair hit Vanity Fair. And what an article it was. Scathing, yes, but not untrue. Blair is a schemer, always has been. A leopard never changes its spots. This is why she and Chuck are perfect together.

Blair needed to acknowledge the power that comes with being a bitch. Instead of trying to be something she’s wasn’t (a copy of her mother) or even apologizing for herself to Nelly Yuki, she was finally able to reconcile the two parts of her identity and it looks like her working relationship with her mother will be much better in the future.

Meanwhile, Chuck’s schemes kept up their grand tradition of getting thwarted all to hell. After figuring out that his father kept the files about the illegal oil sales in the back of a painting owned by Lily, Chuck threw two million dollars down the drain trying to buy it from Ivy after she and Rufus bid on the painting in order to take it away from Lily. How did it end up on auction? Oy, long, kind of boring story. Basically, Rufus is a doofus and can’t see that Ivy is totally using him to punish Lily. As soon as her ultimate plan is complete, she will be out of his life before can say ‘sugar mama.’

My real question is why did Chuck tip his hand to Ivy? Why didn’t he just discreetly check the back of the painting when he was in the back room, before he forked over two million? I love Chuck for a lot of reasons, but he really sucks at this espionage thing. He’s too intense for it; he lets everyone see when something is important to him. I kind of want to shake him and just say “be cool, man!”

So, Ivy has the oil info and she’s going to use it to take down Lily by way of Bart. Actually, that might work out for Chuck in the long run, especially since Lily has clearly taken sides with her husband over her stepson. I know, I know. Chuck wants to be the one to take down his father so that he can be with Blair. I still don’t understand the correlation between these two things, though, and with four episodes left, now is the time to start wrapping relationships up, not prolonging their strife and angst.

At least Dan and Serena might get a happy ending. If they can keep it together for four more episodes.

Yeah, I know it won’t happen. I’m trying on optimism to see how it fits.

It’s a little tight around the bust.

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