Family Guy Season 11 Review “Joe’s Revenge”

For its 201st episode, “Family Guy” finally showed how Joe really was crippled in “Joe’s Revenge.” Turns out he was working undercover and when he was exposed- a ginormous tape recorder strapped awkwardly to his chest in an amusing visual pun- the man responsible had shot his legs to shreds. It was not, as he informed the guys, because he “fell off a roof during a fight with the Grinch.” The culprit’s name? Bobby Briggs. Ordinarily I wouldn’t think it more than a happenstance that he shared a name with a character on “Twin Peaks,” but what with that show’s co-creator David Lynch a semi-regular voice-over artist on “The Cleveland Show,” I’m guessing it wasn’t a coincidence at all, though beyond a name, the two didn’t seem too connected.

It seems Briggs has escaped prison after an ill-advised “open house”! So, Joe wants to hunt him down and get his revenge, hence the episode’s title. Soon Joe is off and running, so to speak, after a good cry, with an assist from Peter.
Peter: “Use my handkerchief.”
Joe, after blowing his nose: “It’s wet and cold!”
Peter: “Well, yeah, it’s my handkerchief and I’ve been blowing my nose in it all day.” (Eew! But also, LOL. I also laughed at the Cookie Puss gag, which was cute.)

They first interviewed a stripper that used to date Briggs, with Quagmire playing to his strengths.
Quagmire: I need information.
Stripper: I was molested by my dad.
Quagmire: I know that. I need other information.
After getting what he wanted, he added: Now spit in your own mouth!
Which she did, proving that Quagmire has unnatural but helpful power over strippers. Nice to know!

When they track down the address from the stripper, a chase ensues, with Peter amusingly stopping to talk to Lois on the phone, during said chase as Joe is hanging on for dear life off a building: “How does the supermarket run out of parsley? I’m as mad as you are!”

Briggs escapes and the boys are arrested by some dirty cops, and its once again up to Quagmire to save the day, using his trusty “acetylene torch penis”: “My STDs help it burn brighter!”
The cops are displeased: “I told you to search his penis!”
Cop 2: “You say that about everybody!”

They eventually track Briggs down and Joe gets his revenge, shooting up his legs as Briggs did to him all those years ago. Unfortunately, he bleeds out and dies and they are forced to dump him in the river. Joe does not emerge unscathed, either.
Quagmire: Joe, you’ve got blood pouring out of your pant leg!”
Joe: Yeah, I had a ball blow in the river.

Some cute visual jokes here and there, like the one in colonial times with the huge bird: “Get back to warming the eggs!” and Peter’s use of military-type signals. Peter, pointing to his eyes and down with his hands in a “V” formation: “Let’s use our eyes to see.” LOL. The “gay-jacked” plane was cute, too, and the “scathing asphalt angels” was painful to look at but still pretty funny. Peter’s sound-effect laden explanation of events was funny, too, as was the random dig at a certain 70s disco act:
Quagmire: KC & the Sunshine Band are playing.
Peter: Why?

All in all, this “Family Guy” was not as inventive as last week’s time-travel themed episode, but I think I actually laughed more on the whole. What did you think? Was it a step up or a step down from their landmark 200th episode? Did you get a kick out of “Joe’s Revenge”? Let me know in the comments!