Elementary Season 1 Review “One Way to Get Off”

Elementary Episode 7 One Way To Get Off (1)

This week on Elementary the show is back to the procedural crime feel that it started with during the initial episodes. Sherlock is tasked with dealing with a murder case that had actually seen Wade Crews (Keith Szarabajka) convicted and behind bars, but murders of the same kind have popped up around town. Does it mean copy cat or did police convict the wrong guy?

Sherlock thinks that planted evidence had something to do with the conviction, an accusation that Gregson does not take well. He’s even more upset when Sherlock does discover planted evidence, but not the kind that Sherlock initially thought. Instead someone planted evidence to make the police think that they had convicted the wrong guy in Crews, but with Sherlock on the case things are set back to normal and everything is right in the world with Crews staying behind bars.

Elementary didn’t go too deep into the characters like it has been in weeks prior, but we did get to see Sherlock have a pretty touching moment with a woman that was held captive between apartment walls, and he actually let down his guard in front of people to comfort the poor girl.

Watson continues to investigate Sherlock’s past by visiting a rehab center where Sherlock once sought treatment. The only information that she receives, though, is that Sherlock was a horrible patient that was one of the most uncooperative that the facility had ever seen. I’m sure we’re all shocked about that.

Cut to Watson talking to the gardener of the clinic who gives Sherlock’s caretaker a stack of letters from none other than Irene. Sherlock doesn’t take well to the information that Watson pushed to find out more about his past and shreds the communication in a blender. He does eventually tell her “We were very close. She died…” And it’s heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

The Irene reveal was the best part of Elementary this week, and I’m hoping to see more and more of Sherlock’s sensitive side come through as the show progresses.