Covert Affairs Season 3 Review “Quicksand” – Everyone Needs a Battle Buddy

Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 15 Quicksand

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “Quicksand,” Annie’s stranded in a foreign land (again), Annie and Auggie finally have a talk, and Eyal is back (again).

Okay so thanks to a bout with the flu (it won), and a bout with a laptop that refused to get on the internet for a couple days (it was rough, but I eventually won that battle), I was unable to review this show when it aired. So not only is this review very late, but it’ll also be in a slightly different format than normal. But I still couldn’t resist giving my opinions after watching this episode.

The Talk

First of all, I was very happy to see Auggie and Annie FINALLY sit down to have a beer so that Auggie could have The Talk with Annie. Trouble is, when she asked what was up, all he told her about was his upcoming mission as a battle buddy. Not that that’s not important and not that Auggie didn’t do a great job helping his buddy out. But I had to wonder why he didn’t talk about his feelings for Annie, as we’ve all been expecting him to do for the past few episodes.

There’s only a few reasons I can think of why he didn’t mention anything. Either Auggie never had those feelings at all and we were all fooled this whole time (not likely), Auggie did have feelings for Annie but for whatever reason doesn’t any longer (possible), or he still has feelings for Annie, but has decided that now is not the time to tell her. Personally I’m voting for door number three.

Eyal to the rescue

Next up, there was Eyal. If I had a dollar for every time that Eyal has rescued Annie in one form or another this season, I’d have…well, I don’t know how many dollars exactly, but I’m betting it would be a lot. After their big blow up last week, I thought maybe he’d be out of the picture for a bit, but I was very happy to see that I was wrong. When Annie gets herself stuck in a foreign land with bad guys after her and a techie who doesn’t seem to know her stuff as well as Auggie, Annie is forced to call on the last person she wants to, which is Eyal.

Once again, Eyal pulled Annie’s butt out of a fire and not only that, but also set himself up to be captured so that they could get the valuable intel on where Khalid was. I really hope Annie can return the favor and rescue him for once, because now that Eyal has quit Mossad, she’s all he has left. I also really, really, really hope that this isn’t some sort of elaborate set-up to kill Eyal. I don’t think Annie could handle that after losing Simon. More importantly though, I don’t *I* could handle it. Eyal has become an awesome part of this show and a part of me is hoping that he might even get added to the cast permanently.

What’s next?

The end of this episode set up next week’s finale nicely. We’ve got Annie answering the cell phone that belongs (we presume) to the men who have Eyal. Auggie will be done with his short mission and could possibly be ready to tell Annie what he didn’t say before. Plus there’s everything going on behind the scenes with Arthur and Henry Wilcox. Honestly I’m still confused by that storyline, but there’s no doubt that it’s bound to lead somewhere exciting. That’s a whole lot of stuff that could be covered in next week’s episode and I can’t wait to see every single bit of it (okay, so maybe Eyal’s and Auggie’s stories above anything else, but who’s counting?).

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? What do you think could happen in next week’s finale? Drop a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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