Shocking Changes Coming for ‘Army Wives’ Season 7

Season 7 of Army Wives will be back sometime next year with quite a number of changes for the fans of the long-running hit series on Lifetime.

But first a warning – if you don’t want to be spoiled about what’s coming up for the military-based series – you might not want to proceed. If you just can’t help yourself, though, please read on…

To begin with cast members Catherine Bell, Wendy Davis, Alyssa Diaz, Kelli Williams, J.J. Soria, Brian McNamara and Terry Serpico will be back as series regulars. One name that is missing off that roster is Kim Delaney…who will not be back as her character – prepare yourself – will be killed while travelling overseas. Gasp, I know!! Also not returning full-time is Sally Pressman, but she will be back for an unspecified amount of episodes. There is no word on Sterling K. Brown or Drew Fuller status, however.

Fans of ‘Army Wives’ should also be ready for some new faces, including an “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois”, an African-American mother of three who “runs the kind of house that kids and adults want to hang out in,” and a drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division.

According to a report at TV Line, it is the plan of the powers that be behind the series to return to the show’s roots, “the central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank [featuring] women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors”, shared executive producer Jeff Melvoin.

Fans can anticipate the return of ‘Army Wives’ (and all of its changes) sometime next year on Lifetime.