Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”

Although I had never really thought about it before, it makes perfect sense that Bob’s favorite holiday would be Thanksgiving. In this week’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob’s favorite holiday gets hijacked by Mr. Fischoeder when he offers the Belchers, “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal.”

Of course, we already know how stubborn Bob can be, but I was surprised that he was initially able to resist Mr. Fischoeder’s original offer of a free month’s rent. Perhaps I had wrongly considered Bob to be more cheap than stubborn, but when it comes to his Thanksgiving traditions, not even free rent can get him to change his tune. His attitude would have paid off too – he got Mr. Fischoeder to extend the deal to five months – but his stubborn attachment to Thanksgiving was the key to their failure.

Bob cooking in Fischoeder’s kitchen and drinking absinthe with his turkey of the year, Lance, reminded me of Bob’s time with the Kuchi Kopi in season one’s “Crawl Space.” Although Bob’s time with Lance was not as dark as his Kuchi Kopi experience, these hallucinations were equally hysterical and the turkey-as-Totoro spoof was particularly inspired. Fantasy spoofs in Bob’s Burgers rely on either a hallucination or dream sequence to work into the narrative so it doesn’t seem like a simple cut-away gag. This kind of spoof is relatively unusual on Bob’s Burgers since they don’t typically fall into the normal storytelling style for the show, but when they do it, they do it well.

Mr. Fischoeder’s plan to keep the kids focused on their task by turning it into an arcade style game was a set up for comedy gold. The game had Louise written all over it. She would be the winner even if she wasn’t trying, but Gene’s heavy handed attempts to keep up made for some great humor. Poor Tina couldn’t even get in the game if she tried, but her sorry attempts to collect tickets in the “best kid contest” were some of the funniest moments of the night.

Linda’s love of musical theater reappeared tonight with the Thanksgiving themed musical number she hoped to debut at the Fishoeder’s dinner table. It never really became the show-stealer that she imagined it would become, but I enjoyed it nonetheless (and if you haven’t heard The National’s cover of Linda’s Thanksgiving song, I suggest you check it out right away.)

I love that Bob’s Burgers sticks to the set up that this is a family that loves one another for better or for worse. Once Linda and the kids realized that Bob was seriously upset about the hijacking of his favorite holiday – not to mention seeing him almost shot by Shelby the sharpshooter – the playacting went out the window. They might not have enough money to cover the next month’s rent, but they’d rather be poor together than cause serious harm to a precious member of their family. Even with five months rent on the line, Bob was ultimately more important to them than their business and home. As bizarre as these characters are, it’s those genuine moments, those clinging family hugs, that often make the Belchers feel more like a real family than a lot of other families we see on TV.

Favorite lines of the night:

  • Louise: “You lost me at love, but brought me back with sharpshooter.”
  • Gene: “Which are the lady parts?”
    Tina: “The vagina and the heart.”
  • Bob: “I thought the kitchen would be more mansion-y.”
    Mr. Fischoeder: “Mansions are for the owners, Bob, not the cooks.”
  • Louise: “If you teach me to shoot, I’ll teach you to regret teaching me to shoot.”
  • Louise: “Are you hallucinating yet?”
    Linda: “No, I need more.”