The League Season 4 Review “The Tailgate”

This week on “The League” the boys coasted a bit again, with the so-so effort “The Tailgate.” Though the episode had some funny moments, the outdoor setting seemed to hamper a lot of the ad-libbing banter that everyone does so well. As such, it wasn’t too hard for the guest stars that made up their arch-rivals, the “Vatos Locos,” to steal the game right out from under them, if only for the week. Granted, I can’t imagine wanting to spend every week with that gang of bullies, but they were certainly good for some easy laughs, especially “The Seed.”

It seems that “The Seed” has been cyber-bullying Andre for some time, after really bullying him in high school, though perhaps he should have thought of that when he friended him on whatever the show’s equivalent to Facebook is. Ruxin agrees to put out a restraining order on him, but then he and his buddies show up to tailgate at the same location as the guys and it’s on.

“The Seed” is so named for his icky habit of masturbating into his hand and wiping it on his victims (eew!), while shouting: “You’ve just been seeded!” Pretty gross, though I admit the whole pantomiming of him whipping around his penis past Andre’s 50-feet restraints was pretty funny, even though, as Jenny pointed out: “How would you even throw a dick?” Okay, don’t answer that.

Naturally, “The Seed” can’t resist owning up to his name, breaking the restraining order when the gang challenge them to a touch football game for their box seats, in exchange for letting them use their bathroom after Taco messes up the gang’s. In no time, Andre has been successfully “seeded.” Or, as he puts it: “You got some of my seed up on your follicles!” Um, yuck.

I got a kick out of his less- than-helpful sidekick, Tug, and his oft-inappropriate remarks, like when “The Seed” was busted for having a peep-hole in his bathroom: “He watches every lady pee! That’s the only way he can get hard!” (Once again, eew.)

Fortunately, “The Seed” eventually gets his after Kevin eats some raw meat and yaks all over the guy, repeatedly. “He seeded the Seed!”

There was some moderately funny business with Jim McMahon, when Taco tried to get him to sign a bunch of his knock-off shirts. McMahon: I look like a 70s porn star!
Taco: You’re welcome.
McMahon: What, are you high?
Taco: Yeah, but that has nothing to do with this.

I also enjoyed Pete and Taco’s ad-hoc nature documentary style narration on Kevin, whose behavior they realized was quite gorilla-esque. Pete dubbed it “McArthurs in the Mist,” and if Kevin’s movements and actions were a bit over-the-top- who eats raw meat like that? – it was still good for a few good laughs.

Best line not mentioned:
Ruxin: Joel Madden Football?
Taco: Yeah. He’s the drummer for Good Charlotte. I guess he likes football or something.

All in all, not a great episode, making it two so-so eps in a row, sadly. The boys have next week off, so hopefully they’ll come back strong after the holidays, because “The Tailgate” was one party I’d just have soon not attended.

What did you think of “The League” this week? Did you enjoy the “McArthurs in the Mist” bits the best? Or were more amused by the antics of “The Seed”? (Or did you think it was just kind of gross?) Let me know in the comments!