Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Critical”

Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 7 Critical (7)

Person of Interest has had some great guest stars, like Amy Acker and Enrico Colantoni, but this week, it brought on board Julian Sands, who once swept Helena Bonham Carter off her feet in A Room With A View. In tonight’s episode, Sands stepped into the shoes of Alistair Wesley, a possible former MI6 agent who is now engaged in shady operations in the private sector. Wesley and Reese come from similar backgrounds, but have gone down different paths. In other words, Reese finally got his very own nemesis!

Hopefully, this new dynamic will inject some life into Reese, who is starting to feel stagnant. Not having a family (or any loved ones), having to obscure his identity, and punishing himself for some yet unknown reason, are starting to drag Reese down. Wesley may give Reese a reason to snap out of it and focus on a longer term problem – in other words, what is Wesley’s real agenda.

For Finch, the episode was about relinquishing control. He left his home office behind and went to the hospital with Reese to investigate the new person of interest, a doctor named Maddie. With Bear standing watch, Finch let his unexpected house guest, Leon Sung (Ken Leung), use his computer to help them track down who may have hired Wesley. Finch was visibly uncomfortable with the idea of letting Leon into his domain, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Finch also had to face a more personal fear when he was required to assist with a patient surgery. He had to trust that Maddie could save the patient and assisted her despite the blood and guts.

The idea of Finch losing control began with his kidnapping by Root, but is developing into something more personal. Thus far, Finch has kept a tight lid on who could know his true identity and who could know about the machine. Now, his grip is loosening. It would be interesting to delve even deeper into this aspect of Finch’s psyche. If someone like him started to lose control, how would he react? Would he shut down or adapt?

Finch is much farther down the path to self-confrontation than Reese, thanks to his interactions with Root and Elias. It’s time for something big to happen to Reese that shakes him to his emotional core. Is that coming?

This episode would have been even better with less detail on the backgrounds of the bad guys and more character development. Based on the format of the show, it will never be possible to get true character development for the individual persons of interest. Accordingly, it would be more refreshing to see less of them and more of Finch and Reese working out their issues.

Some viewers have commented in recent weeks that the persons of interests are too homogenized. This week, Dr. Maddie was in a bi-racial, homosexual relationship. In a positive step towards equality, this aspect of the story line seemed rather inconsequential. Sure, it was nice to see the show embrace diversity, but these days, showing a bi-racial couple or married homosexual couple does not feel as groundbreaking as it might have ten or twenty years ago. Which is a good thing. It would have been more surprising to have a female person of interest who did not look like a model.

  • Ex-fan

    What happened to person of interest, did obama’s tv czar say you had to have a lesbian married couple in the show. This show was soooo dissapointing, was always our favorite but not after last night. Next thing you know, John and finch will get married and maybe they’ll throw the dog in as a third partner. The show made me sick to my stomach last night, it is NOT the new normal, quite the opposite. Very sad, too bad, goodbye P O I.

    • Courtney

      Everybody is entitled to opinion. Fortunately, yours seems to be in the minority.

      • Northern Star

        Whilst I wouldn’t actually stop watching POI because of this, it’s nonetheless another example of a liberal agenda being insidiously drip fed to us through television (but how is that any different than what we’ve had these last 40-odd years?)… and ex-fan is not necessarily in the minority, have you not seen the majority of state referendums on the redefinition of marriage in the last few years?

        That being said, ex-fan is taking it a bit too far with the Obama and the “John and Finch getting married” quip, everyone needs a bit of perspective and to take a chill pill… if POI continue to drip-feed this kind of stuff, then reconsider watching it, but short of that, it’s still the best network show on telly, and one absolutely worth watching, with a careful eye and a due sense of discretion… and if they were forcefully pushing a liberal agenda, why would they have hired one of the few outspoken Christian conservatives in Hollywood, namely Jim Caviezel?

        • BarbJ

          Thanks Northern Star. I hope they don’t continue along the lines of last night. I do love the show and Jim Caviezel AND Finch. It’s been fun to watch.

    • jasonhagle

      I’m glad I don’t have to share being a fan of this awesome show with bigots like you.

  • Wesker

    I agree with ex-fan and Northern Star. I won’t stop watching the show as it’s one of only 3 shows I regularly watch (Fringe and The Walking Dead being the other 2) Why does Hollywood feel compelled to continually promote the homosexual agenda, and whats with the ‘Hollywood lesbians” in the show Touch we get gorgeous slim feminie lesbians…no crew cut mannish looking lesbians beacuse reality does nnot promote the agenda. So..Hollywood…leave the agenda and just gibe us quality shows.

  • Great review. Just a note on this whole debate on whether there is a liberal agenda being pushed with the portrayal of a lesbian married couple.

    While it is one thing to not agree with gay marriage, it is another thing all together to refuse to even acknowledge its existence, mention or inclusion in your favorite programming.

    IMHO, TV should not be the reflection of one’s views but the reflection of the society in which we live in; regardless of how that society is made up.

    So while I personally welcome the portrayal of gay couples of any gender, any race and any creed. I also welcome the portrayal of individuals that don’t agree with my views because I understand that it is a reflection of the society I live in.

    Just my two cents. Feel free to agree or disagree.

  • Ya I don’t get why they had to push the whole gay marriage thing. They pushed the whole thing to a degree it was out of place. Put a real damper on the rest of the show. I certainly won’t stop watching it, but I certainly am not as motivated to watch it.