Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 8 “Something My Gynecologist Said”

Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 8 "Something My Gynecologist Said" (4)

Two and a Half Men season 10 episode 8 “Something My Gynecologist Said” airs Monday Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

Synopsis: “Something My Gynecologist Said” – Alan is hesitant to make a serious commitment to Lyndsey but gets inspiration from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Walden enjoys being a boy-toy for a rich older woman, on TWO AND A HALF MEN, Thursday, Nov. 15 (8:31 – 9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Show Summary: It’s been a year since we saw Walden Schmidt, a lovelorn Internet billionaire, attempt to drown himself in the ocean after his wife kicked him out. He stumbled into the Malibu beach house where tightly-wound chiropractor Alan Harper and his slacker teenage son, Jake, had been living with Alan’s brother for the past eight years before his untimely passing. Walden bought the house and invited Alan to remain there, saving Alan from having to move in with his mother. Walden asked Berta, who had been working in the household, to stay as well. Despite his unsuccessful history with women, Alan found himself mentoring Walden. Walden, Alan and Jake adjusted to their new living arrangement and created a surrogate family unit to make each a better man … or at least try.

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  • higgie

    I felt like this week’s episode, at least the part about Walden, was just a rehashing of the one where Alan got involved with a rich older woman (Norma Seaberry, played by Chloris Leachman). It even involved W and the woman meeting because of a car incident, as in the original. But it wasn’t even half as good. Every time this show serves us leftovers, I feel like I’m just watching it limp slowly to its grave. But I hope the Alan/Lyndsey thing and the Jake/Missi thing will lead to something interesting.

  • Ann Nonemous

    I liked Cryer playing the old guy as well. Fun….especially when he went after Berta.