Exclusive Interview: Last Resort’s Daniel Lissing On What’s Next For SEAL Officer James King

Australian singer/actor Daniel Lissing has made a huge splash across the pond in ABC’s Last Resort as Navy SEAL Officer James King. TV Equals was able to talk with Lissing about his role, what fans can expect from Thursday’s all-new episode, “Nuke It Out,” James and Grace’s [Daisy Betts] contentious relationship and more. Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Last Resort is your first big role in America. How does it feel to be making a big mark?

Daniel Lissing: It’s a dream come true, I think, for any actor, especially an Australian actor. I hadn’t done a hell of a lot back home. In fact, I had a semi-regular role on a show last year…and when I auditioned for this role and had spoken to [creators/executive producers] Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek, I was really over the moon, to say the least. I was jumping around my room like a madman (laughs) when I found out I got the role. It was definitely a dream come true to be working on such an amazing show.

Your character is a Navy SEAL, so did you do any training to prepare?

Daniel Lissing: I certainly did. I was lucky enough to work with real Navy SEALS…I became pretty proficient in weapons, scuba diving and all that kind of stuff. And I did my own physical training to get to a point where I was fit and strong and agile like he Navy SEAL guys are. But I think the best training they could give me were stories they told me over a couple of beers. Really, you know, these guys have been through so much and serve their country so well and have these experiences that civilians like myself–you can imagine being there but until you’ve actually been there and what these guys have been through, it’s hard to relate.

What’s it like to work with this cast?

Daniel Lissing: It’s a dream come true. I know I keep saying that (laughs) but it really is, you know? I’m working with some incredibly talented actors. Everyone’s so different and works in different ways to each other as well. But we all seem to be gelling really well. There’s no ego on set, it’s all about making it the best show we can possibly make….And to be on set with some of my heroes is [great]. (laughs)

In the upcoming episode, you and Grace have to work together to diffuse a certain situation. What can you tell us about that situation and what might be going on between your character, Daniel, and Grace in this episode?

Daniel Lissing: Yeah, well, it’s certainly a lot of tension between our characters, and that’s been building to a point of–you could say loathing? Hatred? Secret love? I don’t know. I’m not going to say too much, but…the crew is watching a football game between a Navy team and an Army team, and while this is happening, the terrorists attack. And one of the female crewmembers gets a bomb stuck to her. And before we can catch the culprit, we have to–Grace and I–run out and we see her, and we have to work together to get the bomb off her. I’m not going to tell you if it explodes or not, but it’s a pretty intense situation that happens.

If you could guest star on any show, what show would it be?

Last Resort. Luckily, I’m a regular on the show, so I don’t have to guest star. But, I’d want to be on the best show on television, so Last Resort for sure (laughs).

Check out a clip of the new episode of Last Resort “Nuke it out” below: