Chad Michael Collins Lands a Monster ‘Once Upon a Time’ Role

It looks like Once Upon A Time‘s Dr. Whale (David Anders) is in the family way. TV Line has revealed the good doctor’s (reanimated?) brother, Gerhardt, will be played by Chad Michael Collins. Collins is best known for his guest starring roles on series like Last Resort, 2 Broke Girls and Enlightened.

Gerhardt is described as an idealistic military man, and in season two’s fifth episode, “The Doctor,” that Whale loved his brother enough to traverse worlds to get Gerhardt a magical heart in order to revive him. It was unclear whether or not Dr. Whale’s experiment was successful, but as we know, his literary counterpart Dr. Frankenstein’s foray into reanimation didn’t end well. When we meet Gerhardt will he be the sweet brother Whale knew or will Whale’s experiment leave him more monster than man? We’ll have to wait until episode 12 to find out.

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.