Underemployed Season 1 Review “The Trivial Pursuit”

Before I get started on this week’s Underemployed, I’ll just say this. I’ve given up on the show dealing with any of the character’s careers or stagnated ambition, and will just sit back each week and enjoy the soapy relationship drama that comes with the old friends, new friends and co-workers in their lives. This week’s episode, ‘The Trivial Pursuit’, doesn’t deviate from the norm, but at least introduces some new roads for the characters to travel down.

As promised in the promo, Lou and Raviva are ready for takeoff, but delay their first encounter since the big break-up until the next day. That day, unfortunately, is spent with other people, and we can see them both tempted by the new and exciting prospects this new guy and girl can offer outside of their lives as parents. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed either of their story-lines, since it’s completely believable for a couple, who were forced back together by their unplanned child, to have second thoughts. They do end up in bed together in the end, but I predict trouble in future weeks.

Miles and Daphne get the comedy storyline, as the big tequila client Daphne is attempting to woo ends up trying to seduce both her and Miles in a whole different way. He’s creepy and hilariously full-on, and it’s a hoot watching them both try to resist the advances of an increasingly drunk pest. The whole ordeal ends up bringing the pair closer together, despite them being alarmingly comfortable with each other in the beginning bathroom scene, and there’s definitely some sexual tension between them now.

Sofia is the only one worrying about her job, and she applies for the assistant manager position at Donut Girl in order to pay her rent. Thinking that she’ll get more time to write on night shifts, things don’t quite work out that way, and, after a particularly horrible evening, she decides to quit the job completely. Will she go crawling back to her horrible parents for rent money now? I hope not, but she needs to get another job. I really wish they’d show her actually working towards a career as a writer, as this the first time she’s been shown at her laptop since the pilot.

What did you think of the episode? Would Lou and Raviva be happier apart? Let us know in the comments.